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Think you have life all figured out?  Brandon Crowley did until the night of August 31, 1928. Fleeing into a dark alley, after being chased by Nick Abruzzio’s thugs, the man holding his fiancée, Christine Hutton, captive; Brandon emerges seventy years later in modern-day New York City.  With his friends long gone, and nowhere to turn, Brandon is stranded in an unfamiliar time.

He is at a dead-end until he meets Lilly, a soulful graduate student at New York University, studying history, two years later.  She sees Brandon as a mysterious stranger obsessed with the past.  Only to Brandon, it’s his present, and Lilly is soon caught up in a decades-old mystery they must solve.  Through twists and turns they find out that the truth was a far cry from what Brandon thought his life was in 1928, instead it was a vicious lie created by the one he loved the most.

Matt Bomer carrying a guitar, so perfectly Brandon. Little story behind Mr. Bomer, I was watching the tv show Monk back when it was still on and USA Network flashed a picture of Matt Bomer and the series White Collar. I gasped and shot out of my seat, yelling to my husband, “That’s Brandon!!”  My husband, as diligent a supporter that he is, knew I meant my book. I explained to him that I had this make believe image of who I thought Brandon Crowley would be and Matt’s picture pops up with a perfect likeness of him.  To this day, it still takes my breath away how much Matt resembles my imagination.  Even here, in this photograph, he’s carrying a guitar case, Brandon is a guitar player…. ahhh be still my heart.



  1. I love your little announcement videos! So thrilled for you and, since I’ve been privileged to read bits and pieces of THE BLUE LUTE I am thrilled for me and your other readers as well! Can’t wait to read Brandon and Lilly’s full story! And your story about Matt Bromer, I hope I have one of those for my characters Cooper, Seth, and Tucker, who I have a definite picture of in my mind, but I’m having a hard time coming up with a picture that even somewhat resembles them.

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