My 50 Favorite Words (and 10 least favorite)

As a writer, I am a lover of words. Not just words strung together to make a sentence and eventually a story, but the actual word. There are SO many beautiful, fun, and interesting words in the English language and I’d like to share my favorites with you, broken into 5 categories. I’d love it, too, if you shared some of your favorite words with me as well.


Beautiful Words

These are words that sound beautiful rolling off the tongue and have exquisite meaning to go along with them.

Dalliance – A brief love affair

Dulcet – Sweet, sugary.  * One of my favorite lines in a old romance entitled The Princess by Jude Deveraux has this word it in it. “If it isn’t the dulcet tones of my royal wife.” The story was about a US solider forced to marry a Eastern European princess he hated.

Eloquence – Beauty and persuasion in speech

Gossamer – The finest piece of thread; a spider’s silk

Idyllic – Perfect, extremely pleasant.  * I learned this one from the 90s tv show, Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman. Dean Cain, always had the best million dollar vocabulary.

Labyrinth – Twisting and turning. *Doesn’t it even sound mysterious?

Lilt – To move or speak musically. *I always think of the Scottish or Irish accents as being Liltish.

Petulant – Moody. *Another favorite from Lois and Clark.

Quintessential – Classic model.

Serendipity – Finding someone while looking for someone else.



Fun to Say Words

Give them a try. These are some of my all-time favorites to say aloud.

Bon Mot – A clever, witty remark or comment. *I learned this one last winter from my current favorite tv show Once Upon a Time, when the Evil Queen finally called Captain Hook by his actual first name instead of one of her constant bon mots (:30 mark – ps. ignore Hook’s aggression, he was cursed.)

Cacophony – A collection of various sounds all at once. *This one is often listed as an ugly word, but I think it’s gorgeous, and it’s so fun to say.

Coddiwomple – To travel with purpose toward a vague destination. *”Go West, young man.”

Discombobulate – To confuse or discontent, upset, frustrate.

Hemophiliac – A person with genetic disorders that don’t allow blood to clot.  *This always reminds me Grand Russian family, the Romanovs. The youngest son, Nicolas II was a hemophiliac

Maneuver – A planned and regulated movement.

Onomatopoeia – A words that sounds like it means, ex. Clink, Bang, Whoa.

Paradoxical – Having a nature of paradox, self-contradictory.


Sepulveda Boulevard – A street name in Los Angeles, CA. * Okay, so this is just a personal favorite. It’s so fun to say out loud. It just rolls flawlessly off the tongue.

Vilipend – to regard or treat as little value.



Words You Didn’t Know There Were Words For

Who knows what that dangly thing is in the back of our throats? Or what the dot on top of the letter I is? (which subsequently are Uvula and Tittle.) There are plenty more words out there that I didn’t even know there were words for, and here’s a list of some of the better ones.

Agelast – Someone who never laughs. *And in turn, someone I would either not want to meet or would do my best to try and make them laugh.

Algedonic – Something both painful and pleasurable. *Ooh!

Mauerbauertraurigkeit – The inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who like you. * I’m pretty sure you’ll meet a person like this in my upcoming novel Falling for Hope. Keep an eye out, her name is Lucy.

Odium – Widespread hatred or digest for someone

Petrichor – The way it smells after the rain. *Or right now, if you live in Illinois.

Philtrum – The vertical groove between the upper lip and nose.

Pogonotrophy – The growing and grooming of facial hair.


Sockdolager – A decisive retort, ex. A mic drop.

Torpefy – Make someone numb or paralyzed.

Vellichor Strange wistfulness of being inside a used bookshop.



The Best British Wordsengland-clip-art-free-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-rb6xuz-clipart

Our mother nation, The United Kingdom, has some of the best words, that both mean and sound amazing…especially when they say them in their seemingly proper sounding dialect. And being that my series Falling for Heroes is based around a British family, I have become quite familiar with many of these.

Arse-over-tits – To fall over; to be clumsy. * Gosh, how I love the Brits!

Bangers & Mash – A popular dish of sausages and mashed potatoes.

Bloody – Adds vehement to curses and phrases. ex. Oh bloody hell!

Bollocks – In short, balls. But it’s usually said as in the way Americans say, Damnit!

Bugger – A jerk. Or to go away, if you add off to it. ex. Bugger off, will ya?

Cheeky – Impudent in an amusing way

Fancy – To like someone, or would like something. ex. Fancy a pint? *A personal favorite.

Knackered – Tired

Peckish – Hungry

Rubbish – Garbage, or something untrue. ex. There’s nothing but rubbish in that tabloid.



Ugly Words

As an added bonus, these words both sound gross, as well as usually mean something unsavory to go along with it. How many of these do you agree with it?

Capitulate – To give in

Coitus – Sexual intercourse between a man and woman


Fluid – A substance capable of flowing. ex. a liquid.

Lubricant – A substance, like oil or grease, used to lessen friction.

Manipulate – To manage or influence in a skillful, unfair manner.

Moist – Moderately damp. *Does anyone like this word?? I don’t think so.

Ointment – A soft, oily preparation often medicinal for application to the skin.

Regurgitate – To rush back from where it came.

Unctuous – The characteristic of oily, fatty, or greasy. *Funny, how most of these have to do with being oily and greasy. Like it’s a perquisite for a those types of words to be gross.


I’d love to hear some of you favorite, or least favorite words in the comments! I could always add some more awesome words to my mental list!






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Monkey See Monkey Do…

I wasn’t going to use my blog to brag, tell stories about, or gush about my son (even though he is the cutest thing ever), but this story deserved a blog.  Yesterday, my four-year old son, Cameron, took my iPad into his room to, what I assumed, was to play games while I showered.  I found him instead using the Notepad randomly typing.

“What are you doing Buddy?” I asked.

Without looking up from the pad he said, “I’m writing a story, Mom.”

Feeling happy and proud that he was following (somewhat) in my footsteps I smiled and asked, “What’s your story about?”

I got a sigh and a glower followed by, “Mom, you’re bothering me.  I need to write my story. I’ll talk to you later.”

I had to laugh, he sounded completely like me when I’m in “the zone”.  You know the place, when you are on roll, the words are flowing like milk and honey, and even the threat of flood or fire isn’t enough to pull you away from your computer screen…  Anyways, part of me wanted to laugh at him for being so cute, but the other part cringed as I realized those words don’t sound very good coming back to me.  I will have to work on that during my next writing session.  But I let the boy be and after about ten minutes, he came to me with gibberish words on the Notepad saying, “Wanna read my story now?”

Considering, it really said nothing, I didn’t want to ruin his creativity, because he obviously was “writing” something.  So I said, “How about you read it to me.”

With a clear of his throat and a nestle of his tushy against the bed and pillows he began.

“The Purple Ranger is there to save Jayden from the Nighlok that came to get him.  She fought the Nighlok but couldn’t get Jayden away.  Then Jayden died and Purple Ranger was sad.”  I gasped and Cameron smiled. “Wait Mom, there’s more,” he said and then continued. “Purple Ranger defeated the Nighlok and Jayden wasn’t died, (that’s not a typo, Cameron says died instead of killed as in *he died him* instead of *he killed him*…back to Jayden) he came back alive and the Purple Ranger was so happy she kissed Jayden.”

At this I squealed.  Cameron gave me a flat look and a, “Stop it Mom.” He hates when I get gushy about romance.

Now to explain, the rangers are the Power Rangers, which there is not a Purple Ranger but there is a Jayden, and he’s the leader of the Rangers.  Nighloks are the bad creatures from someplace I don’t know.  As I have seen m a n y  of the episodes, unfortunately, I can tell you that this story was not one of the shows.  So my boy created some original fan fiction … awww :).

My point of blog being, little ones watch us like hawks.  But maybe, just maybe what they pick up is a talent that they find within themselves and who knows where that new skill will lead them.  I’m so proud of my boy, not only that but I don’t feel as guilty for being a bit quick when I’m in the zone. Cameron repeating my actions told me that he understands the seriousness of what writing is and that he’s not harboring any hard feelings towards what I do during the day.