Ode to Feet (not in a creepy way)

Sorry if you’re grossed out by feet but I feel the need to comment on these vein-popping feet of mine. E feetI’m on my feet a lot. I run to keep in shape. I walk to exercise to my dog. I scurry to stay busy at work. I bolt when my child needs me. I leap with joy when my family is home. These feet have had a tiresome time lately. They hurt. They ache. They’re numb in certain toes from constant use.

I felt the need to let these feet of mine be free today. No socks. No shoes. Nothing holding them back from experiencing the relief of the cool, wet earth beneath them. I walked through the grass of the field behind me and was renewed with each step. I didn’t have socks binding my toes and arches. I didn’t have cushions, material, and laces encasing them from the harsh concrete, wood, and tile I’ve stood upon all day. I gave them the tickle of grass, the child-like humor of mud, and the chill of rain from the night before.E feet mud

My feet that I abuse daily, seemed to heal from their aches and pain the more I shuffled through the elements and let them be what they are – the two strongest parts that support me. They deserved the love. I deserved the love and with it came the solace that nothing can change my peace of mind (or feet) but me, taking that moment to relax.