Twenty Super Years Ago

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Superman fan. I have been since I was a little girl. And today is a very special day in my Super-history. Today is the day 20 short years ago that I met Superman himself.

Now I’ve met celebrities before. I have tons of stories… some funny, some creepy, but none as extraordinary as the day I met Dean Cain on the wintery streets of New York City, November 22, 1996. Everything we did that day ended in disaster, and yet for some reason we were still guided through the day like a game of Sims to meet Superman.

Dean was scheduled to be on the Rosie O’Donnell show in New York City at 9am. NYC was a 2-hour plus drive for us, and the NBC studios suggested getting there early. So at 3:30 in the morning we were woken up by my mom blaring – and I mean blaring- the John Williams’ Superman theme song. I’ve never woken up at that time that excited before. By 4:30 we – my four sisters, Kelli, Kristin, Aimee, and MaCai- and my good friend Cindy, were piled into the family van and headed toward New York from Connecticut. We didn’t get far though, because our van broke down.

My father was persistent and we were all determined to get there though, so he brought the broken van home and we switched to his Ford Taurus, a 5 seater car for 8 people. Hey, we were rebels. It was tight, but we made it…a little late, but we were there.

Now came the awful part. We were in line, where it was first come first serve, for seating in the studio. All of eight of us rotated in and out of the spot, fairly close to the front for the next two hours. I didn’t switch too much, because I was too geared up to see the show. I probably only left to go to the bathroom, whereas the others would come and go for food or the gift shops in 30 Rockefeller Center. So when the studio people came by to pass out tickets this b***h behind us started making a stink about how we didn’t deserve tickets because we were always rotating, and she couldn’t leave even once to pee. We were like big deal. You could have left and someone would’ve nicely saved your spot. The people weren’t that mean, but this chick just made such a ruckus that I started yelling and shouting at her (emotions were really high) and eventually it was too much that I said, “That’s it. I don’t want to see Dean like this. I’ll constantly have a bad taste in mouth about the day.” And we left.

Outside Rockefeller Center I collapsed on the stairs, mind you right across the street from where the whole Kennedy family (Teddy and John Jr. included) were walking into St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a service over John Kennedy’s death anniversary, crying my eyes out. I was so incredibly upset, because seeing Dean was something I was so close to and it was ripped from me by a nasty woman.  My mom hugged me and gave me the quintessential mom speech of how things happen for a reason and only God knows the reason.

As silly as it seemed, she still prayed with me on the steps that if it was in His will that God would see the desires of my heart and open the doors that needed to be opened.  I remember doubting her words and maybe even scoffing at the thought that God doesn’t care if I meet a celebrity or not. But the hour wasn’t up yet…

We walked the New York streets for a little while until it started to flurry and get rather windy and cold, and we decided it was best to go home. So we smooshed ourselves into the Taurus and maneuvered through NYC traffic, even switching off Fifth Avenue to Madison because Fifth was gridlocked. We were almost to the end of the street, when at a red light my sister Kristin said, “Eryn look, it’s Dean!”

Kristin, God love her, was a tease and I think I told her to quit it. But she turned my head to the window and said, “NO, LOOK… it’s Dean!” And sure enough, IT WAS!

Everyone started yelling, “GO!!” and my sisters pushed me out of the car, right in the middle of the road.

I ran out and stood across the street from Dean taking luggage out of his limousine and signing autographs to the few fans that were outside. I called out his name and he looked up and waved. I squealed to myself and without thinking ran across the street, nearly getting hit by a car. I remember seeing Dean’s face just drop as he said, “Careful!”

I was an idiot, I hadn’t even looked before running. But hey, I made it and in just a few more feet I was right in front of the man I’d been infatuated with for the last three years on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of SupermanNow, I know people always say when they meet people outside of film, ‘oh they are so much better looking up close,’ but wow – it was the truth. If any of you thought Dean was gorgeous on television, it’s a different story up close… he’s exquisite!!! Black hair, tan skin, tall, muscular!! oh my gosh, and his eyes… gorgeous almond shaped with sienna brown irises, accented with flecks of gold. I’m not kidding, he is beautiful!

Now, that 20 years have gone by I don’t remember everything he said or I said, but I remember little flashes. I know I asked for a picture and he said sure, but no one else was around at that point. The fans had left, he’d sent his assistant inside the hotel to check in, and my family hadn’t showed up yet. This was before selfies, too, so I had no idea how this was going to work, and I was so nervous and shaky. Luckily, I felt a had on my shoulder and my sister was there saying she’d take my picture.

I ran right to Dean and latched arms around his freakin’ tiny waist. I remember hearing his laughter and seeing his big smile so genuinely happy he was making me happy. It was funny too, because as I was hugging him, I remembered his muscles and leaned my cheek against his chest feeling those oh-so-firm pectorals, then thinking, ‘oh my gosh, I’ve died and gone to Heaven.’ In fact, my picture with him is the face I was making when I leaned in.


My sister Kristin went next, then Kelli, with each of them taking the pictures for each other.

By that point, my mother and my littler sisters  (Aimee was 5, MaCai was 6) came running up behind us. Aimee was yelling out, “Superman! Superman!” and Dean turned around and I heard him aww out loud at her cuteness.

Mom, on the other hand, was embarrassing – as mothers often are- she was saying, “I can’t believe we found you!” and picked up sister Aimee and literally threw her – yes threw her – into his arms. He caught her with a thud, her back to his chest. Thank God he was a football player!

He then knelt and lopped his other arm around MaCai. I don’t know how it happened but I had the camera. I was shaking like a leaf! I was also holding my gloves in one hand. Dean did notice that the gloves were covering the lens and said, “Hon? Hey honey, the gloves are in front of the lens.”


I was more enthralled that he’d called me honey, then sighed and realized what he was saying, and tossed to them ground. He laughed at me and I took the picture.



The cool thing about this day was that it wasn’t an end, but a beginning. Like my mom had said on the steps of Rockefeller Center, God knows the desires in my heart. My desire wasn’t just to meet Dean, but to have a writing career, to meet the man of my dreams who would become my husband, and yeah to always have a Superman in my life.

Because of Dean and this day, I took my love of writing and apply to my love of history to become a historical fiction writer and researcher for other my books. When I wasn’t sure of where to go after college, I chose California because I loved it so much after visiting Warner Brothers Studio (where Lois and Clark was filmed). Because I moved to California, I met my husband, got married, and had a beautiful baby boy. And after meeting Dean again a few years ago, it has opened up far more writing doors than I could’ve ever hoped for. And lastly, the friends I’ve met, because of this man, have been life-long, deep connections I hope never to lose.

So Dean, if you are reading this, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for opening so many doors. THANK YOU for the last twenty years. And THANK YOU for always being MY Superman.





My 50 Favorite Words (and 10 least favorite)

As a writer, I am a lover of words. Not just words strung together to make a sentence and eventually a story, but the actual word. There are SO many beautiful, fun, and interesting words in the English language and I’d like to share my favorites with you, broken into 5 categories. I’d love it, too, if you shared some of your favorite words with me as well.


Beautiful Words

These are words that sound beautiful rolling off the tongue and have exquisite meaning to go along with them.

Dalliance – A brief love affair

Dulcet – Sweet, sugary.  * One of my favorite lines in a old romance entitled The Princess by Jude Deveraux has this word it in it. “If it isn’t the dulcet tones of my royal wife.” The story was about a US solider forced to marry a Eastern European princess he hated.

Eloquence – Beauty and persuasion in speech

Gossamer – The finest piece of thread; a spider’s silk

Idyllic – Perfect, extremely pleasant.  * I learned this one from the 90s tv show, Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman. Dean Cain, always had the best million dollar vocabulary.

Labyrinth – Twisting and turning. *Doesn’t it even sound mysterious?

Lilt – To move or speak musically. *I always think of the Scottish or Irish accents as being Liltish.

Petulant – Moody. *Another favorite from Lois and Clark.

Quintessential – Classic model.

Serendipity – Finding someone while looking for someone else.



Fun to Say Words

Give them a try. These are some of my all-time favorites to say aloud.

Bon Mot – A clever, witty remark or comment. *I learned this one last winter from my current favorite tv show Once Upon a Time, when the Evil Queen finally called Captain Hook by his actual first name instead of one of her constant bon mots (:30 mark – ps. ignore Hook’s aggression, he was cursed.)

Cacophony – A collection of various sounds all at once. *This one is often listed as an ugly word, but I think it’s gorgeous, and it’s so fun to say.

Coddiwomple – To travel with purpose toward a vague destination. *”Go West, young man.”

Discombobulate – To confuse or discontent, upset, frustrate.

Hemophiliac – A person with genetic disorders that don’t allow blood to clot.  *This always reminds me Grand Russian family, the Romanovs. The youngest son, Nicolas II was a hemophiliac

Maneuver – A planned and regulated movement.

Onomatopoeia – A words that sounds like it means, ex. Clink, Bang, Whoa.

Paradoxical – Having a nature of paradox, self-contradictory.


Sepulveda Boulevard – A street name in Los Angeles, CA. * Okay, so this is just a personal favorite. It’s so fun to say out loud. It just rolls flawlessly off the tongue.

Vilipend – to regard or treat as little value.



Words You Didn’t Know There Were Words For

Who knows what that dangly thing is in the back of our throats? Or what the dot on top of the letter I is? (which subsequently are Uvula and Tittle.) There are plenty more words out there that I didn’t even know there were words for, and here’s a list of some of the better ones.

Agelast – Someone who never laughs. *And in turn, someone I would either not want to meet or would do my best to try and make them laugh.

Algedonic – Something both painful and pleasurable. *Ooh!

Mauerbauertraurigkeit – The inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who like you. * I’m pretty sure you’ll meet a person like this in my upcoming novel Falling for Hope. Keep an eye out, her name is Lucy.

Odium – Widespread hatred or digest for someone

Petrichor – The way it smells after the rain. *Or right now, if you live in Illinois.

Philtrum – The vertical groove between the upper lip and nose.

Pogonotrophy – The growing and grooming of facial hair.


Sockdolager – A decisive retort, ex. A mic drop.

Torpefy – Make someone numb or paralyzed.

Vellichor Strange wistfulness of being inside a used bookshop.



The Best British Wordsengland-clip-art-free-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-rb6xuz-clipart

Our mother nation, The United Kingdom, has some of the best words, that both mean and sound amazing…especially when they say them in their seemingly proper sounding dialect. And being that my series Falling for Heroes is based around a British family, I have become quite familiar with many of these.

Arse-over-tits – To fall over; to be clumsy. * Gosh, how I love the Brits!

Bangers & Mash – A popular dish of sausages and mashed potatoes.

Bloody – Adds vehement to curses and phrases. ex. Oh bloody hell!

Bollocks – In short, balls. But it’s usually said as in the way Americans say, Damnit!

Bugger – A jerk. Or to go away, if you add off to it. ex. Bugger off, will ya?

Cheeky – Impudent in an amusing way

Fancy – To like someone, or would like something. ex. Fancy a pint? *A personal favorite.

Knackered – Tired

Peckish – Hungry

Rubbish – Garbage, or something untrue. ex. There’s nothing but rubbish in that tabloid.



Ugly Words

As an added bonus, these words both sound gross, as well as usually mean something unsavory to go along with it. How many of these do you agree with it?

Capitulate – To give in

Coitus – Sexual intercourse between a man and woman


Fluid – A substance capable of flowing. ex. a liquid.

Lubricant – A substance, like oil or grease, used to lessen friction.

Manipulate – To manage or influence in a skillful, unfair manner.

Moist – Moderately damp. *Does anyone like this word?? I don’t think so.

Ointment – A soft, oily preparation often medicinal for application to the skin.

Regurgitate – To rush back from where it came.

Unctuous – The characteristic of oily, fatty, or greasy. *Funny, how most of these have to do with being oily and greasy. Like it’s a perquisite for a those types of words to be gross.


I’d love to hear some of you favorite, or least favorite words in the comments! I could always add some more awesome words to my mental list!






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EXCLUSIVE: Dean Cain the Writer


Dean Cain in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Dean Cain in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

As many of you know I created my character Mack in Beneath the Wall after the then 28-year-old Dean Cain from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997), but just recently I also made a more up-to-date version of him in my latest novel, Falling for Shock (now available on Amazon – just click the title). Dean was in my mind as the strict but friendly director of Oliver Hannel’s movie “The Shock”, Mr. Dean Clemens. How could I not give Dean another part, especially when he helped me with some of the research for the book. What can I say, I needed some inside information that wouldn’t normally be known to those outside the Hollywood industry and didn’t know who else to turn to. I was able to ask such questions as what type of wires are used for making a superhero fly? What kind of harness do you use? How many cinches are holding you in safe and sound? What happens when the lead is sick or hurt? Are there private medics on staff? How comfortable or uncomfortable are those spandex suits? Mr. Cain was more than obliging to answer any question I had openly and honestly.


Now, I bet you’re asking how a girl who had been a crazy Lois and Clark fan go from fangirl to friendly professional acquaintance to well-known actor? Well, if you remember last year around this time I was given the opportunity  to present Dean with a copy of Beneath the Wall for his personal collection.  He was excited and humbled to have been a part of my story and even promised to read it.  Since that day last year, he and I have stayed in touch on Twitter and through my work on another Superman’s site, HenryCavill.Org, Dean agreed to a telephone interview to discuss Batman vs. Superman, his appearance on Superman’s 75th birthday celebration on Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men and his current work on VH1’s Hit the Floor.


Princeton Tigers Dean Cain #11

Princeton Tigers
Dean Cain #11

That interview went amazing and after the fifteen minutes of questions were finished, Dean and I continued to chat about reading, writing and history. It was pretty awesome. For those of you that don’t know too much about Dean’s life, he is a Princeton graduate with a degree in History. Hmm who does that sound like – yep, me! And like me, he didn’t want his History degree for teaching or working in a museum, no, he wanted it so he could write. “I just love being able to tell stories,” Dean said. “It’s a great way to make a living. You can tell stories and you are constantly finding new ways to express yourself and your beliefs or tell stories and maybe affect people’s lives.


“Screen writing is a very different medium clearly than novels. You’re so limited in scope and I try to write them so they read more like a novel than some others do.  I like my screenplays to read like a novel and let the director go ahead and figure out what camera pushes he wants to make and things like that.”


Strangely enough, even though I’m not a screenwriter, I could relate. Telling stories everyday IS a wonderful way to make a living, well as long as you don’t get interrupted. “Hell hath no fury when you interrupt a writer,” I quipped.


Dean agreed with me that time and let out a boisterous laugh.  “Yeah, people can always tell when I’m writing because when my phone rings and I answer it, I say “’Hello [very clipped and monotone]’. Normally, I’m very upbeat and say ‘Hel-lo,’ but not when I’m writing. Then it’s all business. And the person on the other line says, ‘Oh are you working?’ ‘Yes [he replies again short and agitated],’ then it’s, ‘Good-bye,’ and they hang up on me.”


It was hilarious and somewhat surreal having a conversation with a guy I admired for years, chatting with me like we were old friends. But at the same time I was grateful. He didn’t have to talk to me, didn’t have to acknowledge me at all, but he did.  That says volumes about the character of Dean’s being. In the end I thanked him for calling and agreeing to do the interview with me.  To which Dean replied, “It’s my complete pleasure, Eryn. And I still have your book and I plan on reading it. It’s sitting on my desk right here. Unfortunately so are about 6 other work related things too.”


“Aww well, anytime you can read it will be great,” I said, but then remembered a little something about my books, that I didn’t tell him about. Sure they are historic and action adventure but first and foremost they are romantic. And where they aren’t Fifty Shades by any means, they are still sexy. Needless to say I felt the need to warn him about the romantic stuff. red-kiss-mark-md


Dean laughed at my warning and warned me in return. “I’ve gotta tell you, Eryn, that stuff doesn’t make me too uncomfortable. That may give me more incentive to read it, and reread it and reread it until your phone will be ringing again and you’ll have to tell me to stop calling you!”

Twenty-year-old me deep down inside literally swooned over his statement and I fanned and composed myself enough to say a proper good-bye. In the end, Dean added one final compliment that I will forever hold dear.  “I do appreciate anything I had to do with your journey into historical fiction and hero writing. It’s cool as hell.”

Eryn and Dean 11/22/96 and 3/23/13

Eryn and Dean 11/22/96 and 3/23/13


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Third Time’s A Charm

“Meet us at 8:30 on Saturday morning, we’re going to Wizard World!” That was the message I received on Thursday, March 21, 2013 from my big-hearted mom and dad.

Dean Cain was going to be there and I thought it would be impossible to go. More than anything I wanted to meet him and thank him personally for being look and heritage inspiration for the character Mack. Without Dean being on my mind, so long ago I would have never created the storyline for Beneath the Wall.  As many of you know, I originally thought of what life would be like for the interracial child of Kim and Chris at the end of Miss Saigon. That was the trigger, but as I wondered what kind of story I could pull from it, another one came to mind. This one involved the handsome Superman actor, Dean Cain and his own Japanese-American background. My mind stepped back in time to World War II and thought, hmm what if an American sailor met a Japanese woman and they had a child (that looked like Dean)? What if  as an adult, he was sent to fight in Vietnam? What hardships would he go through being purely American but resembled the men they were fighting against? Would his compatriots accept him? If so, who could he turn to when the digs and prejudice got too much? Ahh someone else who could relate to him being an outsider… a woman in a Marine camp.  Bingo! Beneath the Wall was born.

Fast forward to this yesterday. My sweet-hearted friend Shawn wrote me saying, she, too, was going to Wizard World in St. Louis, Missouri and when I thought I couldn’t go, she’d bought a copy of Beneath the Wall to give to Dean Cain for me. I was so touched that she was going to make that dream of gifting the man who inspired my creation, come true. I was even more grateful when I said I could make it, that she was willing to let me give it to him.

At noon, the time had finally come. My mother and I were through the gated area of the convention and Dean was just feet away, but Shawn was no where to be found. My mouth was dry, pores were sweating (Dean was right in front of me) and yet the biggest piece of the puzzle was missing – Shawn and my book.  I paced, texted and finally decided that maybe she’d be in the discussion panel where Dean and actor, John Shea (he played Lex Luthor to Dean’s Superman) would be. No such luck, but the panel was awesome! I was still SO close, but SO far away from making this new dream come true.

John Shea (Lex Luthor) & Dean Cain (Clark Kent/Superman)

John Shea (Lex Luthor) & Dean Cain (Clark Kent/Superman)

I had met Dean before – twice – once in New York City

Eryn and Dean Cain 11/22/96 NYC

Eryn and Dean Cain 11/22/96 NYC

when I was all of 20 years old and then again in California at 21. I had spoken to him on the phone and Twitter last year…Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 11.07.01 AM all had been wonderful but so fleeting in moment that I never had a chance to tell him about anything important. I tried, of course, but with no such luck.  This time was going to be different – I just knew it, but the longer I couldn’t find my friend, the more I fretted.

The day was dwindling to a close and I knew I couldn’t leave without at least getting a typical fan picture with him. And I had brought another little present for his son, a personalized set of dog tags from Camp Lincoln here in town. I got in line, Dean right in front of me and there, to his right was a copy of Beneath the Wall.  I gasped and he looked at me. I smiled and said, “You have my book!”

There it is, right on the table!

There it is, right on the table!

He glanced at the paperback and with widened eyes said, “You’re Eryn? Oh Wow! Shawn dropped it by earlier, she said you’d be here. This is awesome!”

I squealed and let the few people in front of me get their pictures. Then it was my turn. I stood where the photograph of the two of us would be taken and Dean walked over to me with open arms saying, “Eryn…” as if we were two old buddies meeting after a long absence.  Scan 118Those arms wrapped around me and mine around him. We laughed, he leaned his head on mine, squeezed and the picture was taken. (I’m beaming now, just reliving the moment)

Next, I was brought down to the autograph area where I could have some one on one time. Dean sat and said, “Now tell me about this book. I read the back, it looks amazing.”  I then proceeded to tell him everything I mentioned above about it and how he was involved. Dean just kept saying, “Wow, oh Wow,” all throughout and then with a hand to his heart said, “I’m truly honored. I’ll be reading this on the flight home. I can’t wait.”P1030025P1030027P1030030

I have met a lot of people involved with my book, from local veterans, who I give the utmost honor and respect to in helping me understand what to write for my characters to the men and women still enlisted in the Marine Corp, keeping our country safe today…But meeting Dean and giving him my book was the complete icing on the cake, the cherry on top of the sundae, the diamond in my crown… He’s a fellow writer, a patriot and respects the military men and women as much as I do. If I do nothing else with Beneath the Wall, I’ll be a happy girl.

P1030031In the end, after Dean’s handler came over and tried (yes tried) to chastise Dean for spending too much time with me (to which Dean said, “let her finish,” and I finished the conversation I was having with him before the guy so rudely interrupted), he leaned over the table and said, “Come here,” and gave me an unprompted hug and K I S S! I, of course hugged and kissed him back, we said goodbye and I grabbed my paparazzi-mother on the other side of the roped off area, unable to breathe or think. My dream had come full circle and for that moment in time, all was right in the world.

p.s. when Dean was signing my autograph, his hand slipped and he wrote on me! I was marked!

2013-03-23 15.40.58


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Extensive Questions

First, I want to thank Clive Eaton for ‘nominating’ me for a Liebster Award. I don’t know where this blog chain started, but here are the requirements: I have to list 11 random facts about me, then answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated me (that would be Clive). I then nominate 11 bloggers to follow on from me and come up with 11 new questions (cannot use the same ones I was asked or the ones I asked). I post the award on my blog and it goes on – hopefully bringing new readers to our blogs. So, let’s get started: 

Eleven facts about me

1) One of my husband’s nicknames for me is Hobbit, because I’m a mere five feet tall.

2) I consider myself ambidextrous. I write and eat with my right hand but do everything else with my left better – like bowl. I’ve even trained myself to write with the left legibly just in case anything happens to my right hand.

3) The first movie I remember seeing in the movie theater was Return of the Jedi, when I was eight. I went with my dad and got lost on the way back from the bathroom, and sat on another guy’s lap for a second before I realized my father was two rows up more. Talk about embarrassing.

4) I love musicals. From Annie to the Vietnam War drama Miss Saigon, I have a good most of them memorized and will sing them loudly and often!

5) Miss Saigon was actually the story that revved my story-juices to write Beneath the Wall. I couldn’t get Kim and Chris’ child Tam out of my mind after seeing the play on Broadway. I wondered what happened to the child afterwards and somehow my own, unique story came forth.

6) I am 3/4th Irish and the rest is a mix of a lot of French (both Canadian and European French) with a touch German and English, according to I spent last summer tracing my father’s side of the family – something I knew very little about. My uncle claims my grandfather even traced our lineage back to the Versailles court during the reign of King Louis XVI, but I’m not sure if that is just a story or not.

7) I’ve met my fair share of celebs. The last I counted I’ve spoken to 26 different movie/tv/or

Eryn and Dean Cain 11/22/96 NYC

Eryn and Dean Cain 11/22/96 NYC

music stars. Some of my favorite meetings were, Dean Cain (twice and a private phone call this past fall), Susan Sarandon, Sandra Bullock, and Rod Stewart – the funniest story of them all.

8) I love to paint, draw, sketch & play around with my camera. Being creative is second nature to me that it almost seems weird if I don’t have a blank piece of paper and a pen with me at all times.

9) I consider myself an amateur gardener.

Last year's garden, during my book release party

Last year’s garden, during my book release party

I haven’t quite reached master gardener yet, but I’m working on it. I definitely have a green thumb.

10) I’m never satisfied with the answer: No. I always have to push beyond it until it’s a definite grounded No and even then, I can’t get whatever it is out of my mind until I succeed.

11) I’ve never been outside the United States. I hate to say it, but I’m afraid of traveling over seas. The long plane ride, the strange illnesses, being trapped in a foreign country just scare me.  Maybe some day I’ll get across the oceans, but I might have to be heavily drugged.

Now to answer Clive’s 11 questions:

1) Let’s start with an easy music question. What is your favourite all time album, and why?

Easy? This is a tough one, Clive! I love so many – I have 6,000 songs on my iPod. I’m going to go with Fireflies by Faith Hill though because it is the most poignant one in my history. I saw Faith and her husband Tim McGraw perform together while this album was out, I listened to it all during my pregnancy with my son and the song Fireflies is the lullaby I’ve sang to him all his little life.  So it is a very special album in our house.

2) You have a hot-air balloon with ten famous people in it (all currently living). The balloon is rapidly heading towards the entrance of a volcano – which would result in death for all on-board. With just nine on-board, the balloon would head to safety. Which famous person would you sacrifice, and which famous person would you save above all others, and WHY?

Good one! I would definitely save my Dean Cain. But then again he played Superman and since this is a fantasy maybe he’d have his powers back, he’d save me and then we could fly off together… too far?? J. Now who would I toss out…Eminem, he’s nothing but a punk and is never appreciative of the awards he receives. He just seems very disrespectful.

3) Marmite, Love or Hate?:

I know what Marmite is but I’ve never tasted it, so I really can’t comment on it. I will always try something once though.

4) You are invited to a hypothetical dinner party with three other guests (dead or alive) – Who would you choose, and why?

I’m making this a ladies tea party instead 🙂

Jackie Kennedy Onassis – my favorite First Lady, she’d be gracious, poised and we could talk about our favorite books.

Vivien Leigh – because she was Scarlett O’Hara, my all time favorite movie character and I’d love to hear all the inside gossip on the film and all the others she created when she was alive.

And my grandmother Anna St. Jean – she’s still alive but has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember much. I would love to have her back for one more conversation where she is well and able to communicate like she used to. I love you Cracky.

My beautiful grandmother and I at our last meeting in Florida.

My beautiful grandmother and I at our last meeting in Florida.

5) If you could change one thing about this World, what would it be?

It would definitely be to stop all the fighting, death and destruction in the world. There is too much and hearing about children being captured or killed is just beyond fathoming and doesn’t need to happen.

6) Do you believe intelligent life exist beyond this planet? Please explain the reason behind your answer, whether it be yes, or no.

Yes, I do. I don’t think they are little green men, but I don’t think that Earth is the only planet in the whole universe that has life on it.  We just have to find it.

7) You could be given the answer to one question, yet unanswered by mankind, what would that question be?

Where exactly is Heaven and Hell?

8) If a famous author said they wanted to use, on the front cover of their book, a quote from you about one of their books – Who would be the author, which book would you review, and what would be your one line quote?

It would be Jude Deveraux. I’ve read and loved her since I was a teen and absolutely look to her as a pseudo-mentor. I’d choose her fantastic novel Sweet Liar. “Jude Deveraux at her very best! You’ll fall in love with Michael and feel Samantha’s pain, become their friend and yearn to read more about the love they shared together.”

9) Your favourite musician/band has agreed to play three songs to you and a small group of friends. Who would you choose, and what three songs would you want them to play?

I’m going to go with Garth Brooks on this one. He’s an awesome songwriter, singer and entertainer. You feel the words he sings not just hear them.  And he’d have to play Shameless, Thunder Rolls and Friends in Low Places.

10) You’ve been offered a VIP package to a sporting event. Which famous sporting event would you most like to see, and who would you want to see win it?

The Olympics, Men’s swimming and since Michael Phelps won’t be competing I’d like Ryan Lochte or Nathan Adrian to win. Really I don’t care who would win, just as long as I can watch their long, muscular bodies, swimming through ripples of waves and water… uh hem – excuse me there for a moment!

11) Which book do you wish you had written, and why?

Gone with the Wind. It was popular right from the start, was made into a huge Hollywood movie, won Oscars and is still talked about 75 years later!

Now my questions for your blog

1)    If you could be a Rockstar, Astronaut, or Pro-Baseball player which would you be and why?

2)    What does your perfect night alone entail?

3)    If you had the right to eliminate any sport from the face of the earth, what would it be?

4)    If you go back and change any event, either in your personal life or in history, what would it be and why?

5)    How do you chose the names in your books? What factors do you take into effect?

6)    Name your top 3 favorite movies or books, if you don’t watch movies (it can’t be one of your own)

7)    What song title best describes your life?

8)    What genre, other than the one you write, would you like to try?

9)    What is your go-to curse word?

10) Name one person – alive or dead, famous or not, that you admire and why?

11) A special education teacher, a bachelor pharmaceutical engineer with a formula ready to take to market that will cure cancer, a 45 yr. old mother of two and you are on a leaky boat only big enough to hold two people.  Including yourself, who would you chose to survive with and why?

Authors I tag to follow me!

Christina Tetreault  @cgricci

P.S.  If you are an author and you want to join my list – just add your blog or website to my comments below and I’ll tag you.



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Is that a red cape under your scrubs…


Superman… a strange visitor from another planet, sent to earth with powers and abilities beyond that of mortal men, and disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way!

That was the opening to the 1950s television series The Adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves.  It sums up the life and story of Superman in one long sentence.  Of course, those aren’t the only details that make Superman the hero he became.  As a baby, Kal-El, was saved from death by his parents who sent him in a space craft across the galaxies as his planet, Krypton exploded.  He landed in Smallville, Kansas and found Martha and Jonathan Kent, who raised him as their son.  Soon, Clark Kent, as Kal-El was named, went on to find that he was different from the other kids around him.  He had powers that crept up like super speed,  x-ray vision, heat vision, tremendous hearing and smell; and best of all, being able to fly.  But Clark knew that there was more that he was destined to do beyond his small town and went out to explore the world before settling in Metropolis.  There, he met the girl of his dreams, Lois Lane, a spirited, raven-haired journalist.  With all these circumstances around him, Clark began to use his gifts for good and daily transformed himself into the blue-suited, red caped superhero that we all know and love – Superman.

There have been several reincarnations of Superman on both tv and the movies (oh and of course, the comic books).  From Christopher Reeve’s Superman movies to Dean Cain’s tv series The New Adventures of Lois and Clark and more recently Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, where the story focuses on the life of Clark Kent while he was raised in Smallville, Kansas.  Now, how does this pertain to me …. I am a huge Superman fan.  Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t mind my lust for the man in the red cape and, in fact, encourages it by buying me knick knacks, collectibles and multiple dvds.  Our most recent purchase was the series collection of Smallville and the day after we bought it we began what will probably be a year-long nightly marathon of the show  (there are 218 episodes).

Yesterday though, my husband Jon had an epiphany about his life in comparison with the young Clark Kent of Smallville.  So folks, I would like you to meet my husband (note he even wears glasses).

Jonathon James was born in Korea with the name Kim Ki Bum and adopted by a family in North Dakota.  His parents often have told me how his adoption, though it was planned, was not expected to come so quickly.  They were supposed to have a year long wait but it ended up being only a few months and the child that came off the airplane did not look like the baby’s picture they received from the adoption agency.  Instead of a healthy two-year old, this child was a sickly eighteen month old boy, malnourished, covered in chicken pox and suffering from pneumonia in both lungs.  They believe that perhaps the child they received was one that was not going to survive if he stayed in Korea, so the orphanage sent him out in search of the parents that could take care of him.

Jon survived because of that choice and in fact, never had a severe illness or even a broken bone from that moment on.  He was raised just miles from his grandparents multi-acred farm, living and working on the farm each summer.  But even as nice as Grand Forks, North Dakota was, Jon had a need to explore and find himself out in the world.  After a brief stint in college, he left his childhood home for the U.S. Navy, dare I say, to fight for the American way.  He travelled the country from Florida to Maine and finally San Diego, California, where he earned his Naval wings as an aircrew man and met the woman of his dreams, me – a tenacious, dark-haired writer.

When we married and settled in Illinois, Jon went back to school to become a registered nurse and today, he rescues and saves the lives of many in the surgical room of our local hospital.

Be it fate or just pure luck, 10 years ago this December 16th, I married my own, personal “super man” without even trying to.  I love you, babe!


41uy4q1pb7l-_ac_ac_sr9895_Dress your own Superman TODAY



Intro to Beneath The Wall



Hello All! I know I haven’t kept up as much as I wanted to but I was 100% focused on rewriting my novel Beneath the Wall.  I *love* this book.  It means so much me for several reasons.

#1 It’s about the military.  My family has been well honored and decorated throughout the last century’s wars and I only have the utmost respect for any man or woman that has fought for our liberty or to help a less capable country to fight.

#2 It incorporates adoption, which is a very near and dear subject in my life being that my lovely younger sisters were adopted as well as my husband.  (FYI it’s not a book about adoption but the subject is there)

#3 It is about soul mates, love, destiny, following your heart and learning to do what you were born to do.  *sighs* 🙂

#4 And if anyone laughs I don’t care… my main character’s looks are based on Dean Cain, so I got to picture him anytime I read about Mack. Ahh :).

Page 18 of Beneath the Wall:

 I turned away from the crowd to see the most beautiful man I’d ever seen come in between the bully and the young private. This Marine was a tall man, a good head taller than the others around him, with broad shoulders and a strong chest that tapered down to a thin waist. Never before had I seen anyone with a perfect V-shaped body before.

His fatigue sleeves were rolled up, showcasing the sculptured muscles of his tan arms. As for his face, Michelangelo couldn’t have recreated a more perfect specimen of mankind. He had jet-black hair, which I knew would be thick if it were longer, but it was cut extremely short for the military. His eyes were the most unique part of him. They were light brown and almond-shaped, but rounded as if he were Asian, but only by half.

And my favorite part of his description. Page 21 from Beneath the Wall:

Actor Dean Cain

Actor Dean Cain

I bit my tongue, stifling the urge to giggle like a school girl in front of him. Boy, he was good-looking. This time I noticed a small freckle on the right side of his upper lip that was so darling I wanted to tap it with my fingertip—but I resisted. 

Actress Rachael Lefevre

Actress Rachael Lefevre

The heroine, of course, is me with the hair and body I always wanted and a cute name to go with it. Rachael Lefevre is the only actress I have ever found that represents the thought of what Julianne might look like, although I wasn’t picturing her when I created the character.

#5 This book is the first book I ever wrote with the intention of writing it for a non-family member reader.  Every book I wrote before this one I wrote for myself and maybe my best friend Dawn, since we wrote together most of the time.  I never thought of sharing my stories with the public until I thought of this plot.

Now aside from all the things I love about this book, one of the reason I chose the backdrop of the Vietnam War was because I always hated that time period in history.  It was so chaotic, so dirty, so trashy and full of drugs, free-love and violence.  But after giving it much consideration the real reason I disliked it was because I didn’t know much about it.  So I took the time read about the 60s, read about Vietnam, researched the time period to the fullest and found that I really did like it.  Sure there was a lot of turmoil, but every decade before the 60s, society was so restricted and narrow-minded, but there was a lot of freedom that came from all that fighting.  I still don’t like the whole drug and free-love part but really how much different is the 60s from the 20s.  The 20s were vibrant and rebellious too and heck that’s the reason I love that era so much.  The 60s finally became a friend and I am proud to say that when I see something about the era I no longer turn away from it, but embrace the peace-lovin’ era.

The last thing that is special about my book is that there are only a few names that I chose just because I liked them.  99% of the names I used are people in my life.  From my great-grandfather Felix Tetrault  to my best friends Dawn Taylor and Cynthia Bennett.  The rest are: Sgts Calise, Pirro, Leake, Janick, Symanski, Brekken, Loken, Kelley, John Rask, Dan Leary; a lawyer named James Casey, a mother named Ana, one named Marie, a sister named Susan.  I have a Mack and a Kai, an Amy, Calvin, Roberts, Albert, (Sorry Kathy, Lauren, Heather and Kerri, I don’t think I have you in there, but it’s tough to have girls names in a male dominated book.  Next one I promise.) I have a Logan, Mirrell, Jake, Josh, Richard, Evans, Frank, Andrew, Lawrence, Christopher, Kate, Tyler, Liam, Deb… I think that’s it.  Some famous names from movies and things are: Hanks, Curran (both from Forrest Gump) and Butler (Rhett Butler or Gerard Butler, whoever I was gawking over the day I named the character. I don’t remember).  And of course I had to have some names for the people I killed off and for those I used people that I can’t stand or have hated at one time in my life such as a bad boss and a dude who I dated once and he dumped me cold because I was a good girl and wouldn’t give up my values to jump in the sack with him – I beat him up quite sufficiently in the book and felt SO much better in real life. Writing is such wonderful therapy.

Anyhow, that is my introduction to Beneath the Wall…. I can’t wait for people to read it!

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