Falling for Sacrifice

Falling for Heroes: Book Five

Four years ago, Evan Corbett rose to fame playing the villain, Rainmaker, in the first Shock movie. Since then, life hasn’t dealt him the best hand. One crappy movie after another sends Evan looking for the dream script that will change his career. That is, until his father’s health forces him to take a demeaning role on a reality tv show.


Isabel Delgado, proprietor of Delgado Fishing and Tours in Cudillero, Spain, has her own struggles plaguing her. Between a father who wants to retire, a brother with wanderlust fever, and a manipulative boyfriend dead-set on merging their two companies, she’s bogged down. Then Evan strolls into her shop.


Evan is desperate for a boat ride to the Azores Islands after missing his show’s yacht. It’s just one more problem Isabel doesn’t need. She agrees, but is unaware of how one violent storm will forever change both of their worlds. Survival on an unknown island is the key to teaching them what they must sacrifice for the good of their families… should they ever be rescued.

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