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There are no secrets that time does not reveal ~ Jean Racine

Jesse Parker certainly felt that way after finding a probate paper in his deceased mother’s effects stating that his brothers were adopted, unbeknownst to any of them.  Driven to find the truth, Jesse searches for more evidence coming up with just one item:  Julianne Parker’s journal from 1966.

Julianne Parker is a combat war journalist sent to Vietnam by her newspaper The Village Voice. There she is not only faced with the bombardment of war, but the harsh reality of being the only female amongst Camp Dakota’s troop of Marines.  At the same time, Sergeant Mack Roberts, a son of a WWII sailor and Japanese woman, is irritated by Julianne, but soon helps her to rethink her approach to the camp.  Both are labeled as outsiders: Julianne for her gender, Mack for his race and they soon form a love for each other.  They marry in private, hiding their relationship and risking both of their careers for love, only to have it ripped apart during the Battle of Khe Sanh.

Through twists and turns Jesse reads that the truth of his family’s existence was a far cry from what he and his brothers were brought up to believe.  Instead their tale was a complicated web of lies hidden to give them the most normal life as possible.



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Intro to BTW

Hello All! I know I haven’t kept up as much as I wanted to but I was 100% focused on rewriting my novel Beneath the Wall.  I *love* this book.  It means so much me for several reasons.

#1 It’s about the military.  My family has been well honored and decorated throughout the last century’s wars and I only have the utmost respect for any man or woman that has fought for our liberty or to help a less capable country to fight.

#2 It incorporates adoption, which is a very near and dear subject in my life being that my lovely younger sisters were adopted as well as my husband.  (FYI it’s not a book about adoption but the subject is there)

#3 It is about soul mates, love, destiny, following your heart and learning to do what you were born to do.  *sighs*

#4 And if anyone laughs I don’t care… my main character’s looks are based on Dean Cain, so I got to picture him anytime I read about Mack. Ahh .  The heroine, of course, is me with the hair and body I always wanted and a cute name to go with it.

#5 This book is the first book I ever wrote with the intention of writing it for a non-family member reader.  Every book I wrote before this one I wrote for myself and maybe my best friend Dawn, since we wrote together most of the time.  I never thought of sharing my stories with the public until I thought of this plot.

Now aside from all the things I love about this book, one of the reason I chose the backdrop of the Vietnam War was because I always hated that time period in history.  It was so chaotic, so dirty, so trashy and full of drugs, free-love and violence.  But after giving it much consideration the real reason I disliked it was because I didn’t know much about it.  So I took the time read about the 60s, read about Vietnam, researched the time period to the fullest and found that I really did like it.  Sure there was a lot of turmoil, but every decade before the 60s, society was so restricted and narrow-minded, but there was a lot of freedom that came from all that fighting.  I still don’t like the whole drug and free-love part but really how much different is the 60s from the 20s.  The 20s were vibrant and rebellious too and heck that’s the reason I love that era so much.  The 60s finally became a friend and I am proud to say that when I see something about the era I no longer turn away from it, but embrace the peace-lovin’ era.

The last thing that is special about my book is that there are only a few names that I chose just because I liked them.  99% of the names I used are people in my life.  From my great-grandfather Felix Tetreault  to my best friends Dawn Taylor and Cynthia Bennett.  The rest are: Sgts Calise, Pirro, Leake, Janick, Symanski, Brekken, Loken, Kelley, Rask, Dan Leary; a lawyer named James Casey, a mother named Ana, one named Marie, a sister named Susan.  I have a Mack and a Kai, an Amy, Calvin, Roberts, Albert, (Sorry Kathy, Heather and Kerri, I don’t think I have you in there, but it’s tough to have girls names in a male dominated book.  Next one I promise.) I have a Logan, Mirrell, Jake, Josh, Richard, Evans, Frank, Andrew, Lawrence, Christopher, Kate, Tyler, Liam, Deb… I think that’s it.  Some famous names from movies and things are: Hanks, Curran (both from Forrest Gump), George, Thomas (Dean Cain related – I was really obsessed at one time in my life. Really, I’ve gotten better.), Butler.  And of course I had to have some names for the people I killed off and for those I used people that I can’t stand or have hated at one time in my life such as a bad boss and a dude who I dated once and he dumped me cold because I was a good girl and wouldn’t give up my values to jump in the sack with him – I beat him up quite sufficiently in the book and felt SO much better in real life. Writing is such wonderful therapy.



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