COVER REVEAL: Falling for Hope

Without delay, ladies and gentleman, I give you Falling for Hope!



Alexander Bronwyn loves his family-his mother, father, two sisters, and especially his son, Elliott. But only one of them shares his blood-his son. Elliott has leukemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant. In order to rid him of this life-depriving disease, adopted Alexander must first find those who share the same DNA.

Elaine Hannel, mother to Oliver, Edward, and Rhys Hannel thought she lost her first-born forty years prior, during childbirth. That is until he showed up at her final son’s wedding, uncovering a decades’ old mystery she didn’t know existed. Shocked, Elaine is forced to relive the past she’d put behind her so long ago, with a former lover and the death of her child she only met for a blink of a moment.

While the rest of the Hannels are confused, and feel deceived, Lucy Brooks, twin sister to Layla Hannel, is the only person accepting and sympathetic of Alexander and his plight. A single parent herself, what she sees in Alex is a man who will do anything for his son, no matter the pain and conflict it causes. What she doesn’t see is the immediate soul connection to a man so overburdened with life, all he has left is to let go and let her take some of that away for him.

This book idea came to me in pieces. As many of you know, my husband was adopted as a toddler. He’s never met or even knows who his biological family are. And one day, very early into my pregnancy with my son my doctor was asking me all these family history questions, like has anyone in my family had heart disease or cancer, and in turn she asked my husband as well. I had this extensive list in my head for my side, but all Jon said was, “I don’t know.”

It took about three questions for the doctor to ask, are you adopted? and Jon answered, “Yes.”

From that moment, I’ve often thought, what would we do if something went wrong with him or our son since they have no other biological blood except each other?

Years later, as I was watching my favorite show, Once Upon a Time, the audience was introduced to a new character in an episode entitled Swan Song – Brennan Jones aka Papa Hook, Captain Hook’s father.

PapaHook and Hook

L to R Adam Croasdell, Colin O’Donoghue – Once Upon a Time

Brennan is played by the very talented actor Adam Croasdell. I don’t know what it was, but I was drawn to how he acted with the child who played young Captain Hook. He was dear to the child, and just had this sweet face to go along with it. Now unfortunately for young Hook, Papa didn’t turn out to be a good guy, but Adam was. The actor was and is a big Twitter person and I have had the privilege to chat with him a many times.
Jokingly one day, I tweeted that I was going to write a story about a single father having adventures on the high seas to Adam and he said he’d be honored. Well, I couldn’t disappoint and started wondering how I could fit a story like I’d described into my Falling for Heroes world. And just like many a story comes out a writer started with one story and ends up with another.
If the Hannels were going to gain another brother, how would that happen, was my first thought. Soon the idea of adoption came to mind, and then came the question I’d asked myself so long ago….what would happen if my son had an illness and needed blood from my husband and his didn’t work? They would need a miracle or someone else biological. The story grew from there and Falling for Hope was born.

One cool thing did come from it’s origin, Mr. Croasdell and I still chat. He was an awesome muse and I’m so glad to share this story with him. I also have the pleasure of sharing this story with a beautiful cancer survivor who I interviewed, Carly, as well as Be The Match bone marrow donor program. Both were extremely helpful in learning more and researching cancer and how treatments are made.

I do have a little news that I would like to share with you. Originally I’d planned on releasing Falling for Hope in April, but due to uncontrollable circumstances, like a broken computer, being unemployed, then just starting a new day job, I have to push the release date to June. Be patient with me. You will not want to miss this story!

Thank you to Dee Photos, Doreen Klussendork–oops dorf, The Berardinelli family, and Tori C. Farris for creating this beautiful cover for me. Usually, I create my own covers but these wonderful people pulled together to help me while my precious computer is dead. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.



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