SPOTLIGHT: Sinners & Saints: A Patriot’s Manifesto by Kristina Garlick

Today, I have a unique book for my lovely readers. This is Kristina Garlick and her post-apocalyptic zombie novel, Sinners & Saints: A Patriot’s Manifesto.



My name is Zoey Major and I live in Fort Star, New Jersey. I am also a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. Seems very cut and dry but I have been hiding something- like really huge. My secret is game changing. I am not like the others… I know, what a surprise twist! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you why I am different. If you really want to know, you have to figure it out. Hey, even in these dark times, a girl needs her secrets.


EXCERPT – Sinners & Saints: A Patriot’s Manifest

(Eryn’s note, profanity is not edited in the novel) 

United we… united we… we were supposed to stand together as a society but it did not work out like that. The United States and much of the world, actually went to sh*t for a little bit when the zombies came. Perhaps the only saving grace was the fact that man learns to adapt. We always do. A prime example would be the invention of the wheel, the television or even a toaster pastry because why the f*ck not eat something bad for you?

For you see, if man has a want or desire, it may take years, but he’ll invent it. One thing I am still waiting on is that damn time machine. I am looking at you, Doc Brown. Ha! However, not all inventions should ever leave the paper. Sometimes an idea is just an idea as biological weapons rarely ever make anything better. Yeah, perhaps not every weapon should be tested or even used, as the results can’t always be contained. United we… united we… we were supposed to stand together.

Present Day, June 30, 10:25 pm

Catey: “So is it cool that I sign you up for speed dating?”

Zoey: “What? No, f*ck no.”

Catey: “Why not?”

Zoey: “There should be no speed dating in the zombie apocalypse.”

Catey: “It’s post apocalypse so get it right.”

Zoey: “For now.”

Catey: “And this is why you are single. You are so negative.”

Zoey: “Huh, I didn’t know that was the reason. I just thought it was because every eligible bachelor who isn’t a toad has been either taken or eaten but hey, maybe I am wrong.”

Catey: “I think it’s because you put up a wall.”

Zoey: “Stop analyzing me, or at the very least give me a Rorschach test or at the very least a crossword puzzle to pass the time then.”



Eryn's Reading

This was a difficult one to review, as I have mixed feelings. First of all, what you read above are the opening paragraphs, down to the play-like character and colon off-set for the dialogue. The author calls it Diary/Play format. It’s interesting and makes for quick reading. I had to get used to this though, as the whole book is set up like this. Now, for one, I applaud the author for being different and unique. It’s bold and daring to write a book like this, but it’s also easy, and bland. There’s no action or thought process as the character is speaking. I’m one of those people who when I read a book, I want to get into it. Give me the meat. I want to know what these people look like, smell like, sound like, what are they doing while they talk. I want real-life actions. I want to know what the girl is thinking when the other person is telling her something. I want emotions and feeling. There is very little of this throughout, especially not while they are talking.

Subject wise, again, daring and unique. I liked the idea of this woman fighting for America against zombies. It’s fun and reminds me of the movie Independence Day where the world had to rally together and fight aliens. I can see this as a series in the same realm as Hunger Games. But before it becomes Hunger Games, it needs to punch up it’s editing, and character development. In fact, when I read The Hunger Games and heard it was being made into a movie, I wondered how they were going to do such a thing, since a huge majority of the book is told through Katniss’ silent thoughts, her inner dialogue. It is the opposite here. This would be a great movie, but for a book you don’t get the juicy middle that you expect when reading a great novel.

Overall, I’d give this book a middle of the line rating – 3-Stars. It’s good a surface story, but don’t expect to get deeply into it.



Kristina Garlick lives in Warren County, New Jersey. She holds a Masters in Parks & Resource Management from Slippery Rock University. While she loves the outdoors and has many hobbies such as soap making, writing has always been her passion. Kristina wrote her first full length fantasy story at ten and had her first book published when she was fourteen. She has a unique style of writing, which she calls Diary-Play format. Kristina is also available for book signings, panels, discussion groups and other special functions.



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SPOTLIGHT: Loves of Our Lives by A.C. Chenier

Today I welcome author A.C. Chenier and her lovely book, Loves of Our Lives to my blog.



A rich and compelling novel exploring romances past and present, Loves of Our Lives centers on Katie Benjamin, a happily married woman whose interest in the theory of past lives changes her understanding of herself and the world around her forever.

Along with her best friend, Maria, whose terminal cancer has given her an entirely new perspective on life, she embarks on past-life regression therapy. Here, Katie learns of the lives of Elinor Davenport and Catherine Buchanan and the people they both loved.  In the process of finding these two women who once shared her soul she discovers a sense of completeness she never thought possible.

“The same souls come back to us many times and interact with us. This is the way we can understand our souls go on for eternity. These bodies may fail, but our souls do continue on to reunite with our loved ones many times.”

EXCERPT – Loves of our Lives

1864 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I had this commissioned for you to have. I want you to wear it close to your heart and know my heart is now and will always be yours.” He opened the case and displayed a gold locket. She gasped at the beautiful locket within the case. It was a white cameo in a pale pink background.

“Turn it over,” he said.

She did and read the words he had engraved on the back. Forever in my heart, forever in my soul.

She felt tears running down her face as she looked at the beautiful words and then into Jonathon’s eyes. She looked deep into his eyes and felt her own soul connecting directly to Jonathon. He said to her, “Forever in my heart, forever in my soul. I will find you again.” He then wrapped his arms around her and took her lips in a passionate kiss. Her heart was hammering in her throat as she kissed him back. To her it felt a bit like a good-bye kiss, but a kiss filled with the promise of reuniting in time.



Eryn's Reading


Loves our Lives was quite an interesting story, beginning with the life of Katie and Ward, a husband and wife who seemed happily married. When they were apart, they couldn’t wait to be back in each other’s arms. I awed and was excited to read a story where a husband and wife were together and in love. Usually married couples in stories get the shaft. Well, I didn’t have to wait to long for that to happen, and the more Katie became interested in her study of past lives and a stranger on a train, Ward became the man both Katie and I didn’t want him to be.
Sure we find that her past lives show something incredibly different, and reveal another true love, but I still wished the opening chapters and back cover didn’t start off telling me this couple was awesome together and then drive a wedge between them. Other than that though, it was an interesting story, weaved with history, hypnosis, and past lives.  I loved the history and how it’s weaved into the book, but overall I would give this three-star read because of how the blurb misled me to believe the story would be different.  Now that these readers are aware, though, please enjoy the story with the open mind that relationships that seem perfect do change.




AC Chenier is the author of the Past Lives series of books. The novels explore the fascinating spiritual world and the concept that we are all souls who have lived before, and that we reunite with our loved ones through time. The novels allow her to couple her long standing interest in the romance and fantasy genres with a passion for writing. When she’s not busy typing away at her computer, you can find her with her horses or golf clubs.

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