Fresh Off The Page

I love encouraging new writers, especially those who are passionate about writing and write amazing works. I don’t care if they are poems or fan fiction or full novels, if the writer has the desire to write and just needs that kick to make their craft excellent – I will help encourage.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a fan girl through and through. I love my Superman and Once Upon a Time. And through these interests I have met friends that I truly love. One of those is Emily Kitchen, who I have been helping her smooth out her fan fictions. In just the few months I’ve been working with her, she has greatly improved. Take a moment, if you’d like, and read her first fan fiction that we have worked on together. It was a diamond in the rough and now shines like a faceted beauty.


If you enjoy Once Upon a Time (the television show) or just love a good racy story about a woman who travels back in time with the man who she’s unsure about giving her heart to, only to find that there isn’t one, but two of him in the past both vying for her attention and what she decides to do with double the amount of Jones’ men, then please give Emily’s short story a read.

Congratulations Emily!

Click here for the link

Double The Jones



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