EXCLUSIVE: Throwback Thursday-Alternate Scene from the Blue Lute

As a Throwback Thursday treat, I thought I’d let you read an alternative version to a scene in The Blue Lute. In the beginning, Blue Lute was about 800 pages long–No kidding. It was long and complex, and I went through the daunting task of editing that thing to pieces. But some of my favorite scenes were excluded, because in order to edit something that big, plot lines had to be change. This scene is one of them. Its set after Brandon and Lilly’s first romantic night together, before Brandon was going to return to 1928. Enjoy!

BrandonLilly copy


The next morning Lilly stretched, waking to the sound of a soft guitar playing. Sitting up, she found Brandon on the window seat wearing only pajama pants, strumming his guitar in the glowing sunlight. She cleared her throat catching his attention. Brandon turned away from the strings, beaming. “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” she replied and climbed off the bed. The flannel shirt Brandon wore the day before was lying on the ground. She slid, rolling up the sleeves and crossed over to him. Brandon moved the instrument aside so she could sit between his legs, then brought the guitar back around in front of them both. Lilly giggled as he kissed her neck and continued playing.

His fingers moved up the fingerboard, pinching the strings with one hand while strumming the lower strings at the same time. She was fascinated by the movement, realizing she could never be that coordinated and have it sound half as good as he did.

Smiling at her interest, Brandon handed her the neck. “Here, you try?”

Lilly protested. “No, no, no, I can’t play.”

“I’ll teach you,” he said and held her hand, forming it to the wood and metallic strings. Aligning her fingers on the correct strings, he then took hold of her other hand and strummed it across the lower strings playing a chord. He did the same for the next few chords. It almost sounded like a song. “See, you can do it.”

“I guess I can,” she leaned over her shoulder. “It must be the teacher.”

Brandon pressed her lips to hers. “Mmm must be.”

When he started playing again, Lilly quieted, listening to Brandon hum and softly sing. She closed her eyes, letting the music fill her. The rumble of his voice in his chest against her back vibrated between them, soothing her soul like a kind of massage. No sooner did she lean her weight into him did Brandon stop singing. His lips touched the side of her neck, trailing kisses from her collarbone up to that sensitive spot just beneath her ear. Her body tingled from head to toe as he whispered in her ear.

“Mmm,” she sighed. Lilly barely knew her own name let alone heard what he said as he started gliding his lips back down to her shoulder again.

“Did you hear what I said?” he asked between heady breaths.

Lilly shook her head; her eyes closed in bliss feeling his breath on her skin.

“I said I’m not going back.”

She heard him that time. Her eyes flew open. “What?”

Brandon set the guitar down. Lilly faced him, hoping for an explanation. “I can’t go now. I can’t leave you.”

“You can’t do that because of me.”

He gathered her hands. “Lilly I’ve lost a love before. I know how it feels. I don’t want to feel that way about you. And I don’t want to fall in love again with anyone else. I’m done.” He cupped her cheek. “I want to stay here and grow old with you.”

She knew she should convince him to go, but nothing could make her form those words. She was just as lonely as he was and needed him as much as he needed her. Never again could she give her heart to anyone else after he left. She wouldn’t be able to handle it. Lilly leaned into his hand. “Are you sure?”

Taking a deep breath, he drew her in for a kiss. “Yes.”

“Oh Brandon. I love you.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and Brandon fumbled with buttons on her shirt. “I love you too, Lilly. Forever.

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