Perfect Little Princess

Once upon a time, in a town far, far away, a beautiful baby girl was born. Blonde haired and blue eyed, she was the prettiest of princesses. She dressed in pink from head to toe, dreamed of being a mythical fairy, and was loved by everyone who met her. A sister was brought to her when she was small, and when her mother went to work, the two princesses were brought to be tended by another family – a family of more girls, sisters, and together they all grew as close as cousins in one family.


Like any other little girl who’d grown into a woman, the first princess longed for love, a career, a family beyond the one she grew up with. But this poor dear met tragedy; she found a substance that cured the stress of her job, that brought her out of a funk where she found herself just after college. A destructive powder made her believe things that were true, like she was fine or she didn’t need friends, family, love, or God. It told her all she needed was it. 

 Her family tried to help her, but the substance pulled harder. It kept her captive, yearning for more and more until finally the princess realized it had a tight hold on her. She needed to break free, but couldn’t. The lies it told her,  you need more of me and I will make you feel better, beat her down to a fraction of what she once was. The princess fought and fought, her family cried, her friends wanted the real princess back, not the one so controlled by the powder.


Finally, the princess broke through with a scream and fought the demon, banishing it back from the depths in which it came from. She was once again whole, and strong. A prince who’d fought the same battle, met her one day years later. They married and gave their lives to God above, but something was missing. A little something. A child in their lives. The prince and princess prayed and beckoned for a child. They watched as others were blessed with children and yet one never came to them.


Then at last a tickle of life bloomed inside the princess. A tiny life grasping hold of her mother. A baby girl that would one day know the strength of the princess and what she’d overcame to become this new princess’ mother. How blessed this new princess will be, with the love of a mother and father who were almost cast out of their realms by a horrifying beast. She will rise and be a princess warrior like her mother, because she will see the strength from the very beginning. And like her mother, too, will be a perfect little princess.

Welcome to the world precious Kenlea!




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