Hopeless Romantic

Some people give me *that* look when I say I write romance, like, “oh you write romances,” as if it’s something degrading or silly or even perverted. They assume my stories will have some long haired dude with his shirt undone to his navel and a fair maiden in a corset and heaving bosoms waiting to be ravished. Or even worse, a Christian Grey wannabe with ropes and handcuffs. The opposers think my books are just for lonely women who have nothing better to do with their lives than to read some sort of porn. Yeah, it’s not. And mine never will be.

I love what I do. I love writing love stories. Everyone deserves love. Love gives us hope. It lets us know that there is someone out there, even if we don’t have it right here in the present. Heck, even if we do have someone in our lives, perhaps he or she isn’t the most affectionate. Perhaps they should be. Romances can give the reader the voice to say, “Hey, treat me like so&so, I deserve it.”

Personally, that’s what I like to instill in my novels…a sense of hope. Hope that there is someone out there for the reader. I focus on that aspect more than anything. All of my stories, be it my historical fictions or my contemporary romances have couples in them that are brought together by an unknown force, go through struggles, and finally find a way back to each other like the way the real world works. Sure, the real world isn’t as quick and clean as a book, but that’s where fictional liberties come into play. No one would want to read a book where the people end up going on their separate paths…heck, I know I wouldn’t.

So after all that is said, people can sneer at my work all they want. I love writing my romantic stories. I love giving readers hope. And I especially love bringing two distance couples back together. That’s my favorite… hearing from reader and having them say, “Look, my husband and I haven’t gotten together in weeks and after reading your book, uhh yeah, that drought has ended.” On my side of the comment I’m screaming, YES!

I’m the modern day cupid, shooting arrows with my words and linking souls eternal.heart



    • Exactly. I have nothing to apologize for. One of my very first reviewers was a jacka$$, looking at the cover of my historical fiction with a muscly soldier on the front. He had rolled his eyes and said, oh great a bodice ripper. But in the end retracted his statement in the review saying that he didn’t give my book a fair chance and judged it before he read. Then called it an excellent story full of emotion, grit, and surprise. I so wanted to yell back, “proved you wrong sucker!”
      I love what I do and will do it forever if I can. Don’t give up ;).

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