NEW RELEASE- JAM: Jordan and Mary

I AM SO EXCITED for today! Introducing a new book to the masses is always an exciting day but when it’s a brand new author and brand new series – it’s all the better! Today, I am proud to announce the release of JAM: Jordan and Mary by T.J. Lyons. She is a friend and a colleague and I had the joy of producing this book from it’s simplest form to the gem that it is now. Thank you for giving me this opportunity T.J. and I wish this venture is a positive one for  you and you will continue to grow and flourish in the literary world.

Without further ado… JAM: Jordan and Mary.

JAM Full Cover

JAM: Jordan and Mary

Secrets refuse to remain buried.

Bonds of love are tested.

Horses prove they are loyal creatures.

Jordan Jennings is a successful self-made photographer with a dicey past he refuses to face. He’s had no reason to, happy in his life with his mother and twin brother. That is until he meets a woman strong enough to draw him from his repression.

Running from her own past, Mary Evans has lived in hiding for the last 12 years. Horses became her life when she discovered she had a gift for working with them. When she is brought a fiery cremello mare, a mental bond develops between her and the animal like no other. But it isn’t until a sinfully gorgeous photographer enters her barn that her life takes a drastic turn.

Together, Jordan and Mary find a new lease on life. But before their future can begin, they must return to each of their pasts, two parts of their worlds that collide and threatens to tear them apart. Now the question remains, will they survive the torment? And is it even possible to achieve the perfect happily ever after?


You can find JAM on the following links:
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Amazon    Barnes & Noble   KOBO


Grab your copy today!!!!




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