Falling for Heroes Boxset ON SALE NOW

With Falling for Phoenix ready to make it’s debut in May, I thought it would be a good time to put the beginning of the Falling for Heroes Series together in one set. So for your reading pleasure, I give you – Falling for Heroes Boxset – Falling for Shock and Falling for Freedom.


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Long time no blog…


Yeah, I’m embarrassed I haven’t blogged since last year, and that is horrible of me. I must apologize, but things have been busy. My son is older now and has no siblings, so guess who gets to play – Mommy! And a day job was taking up a lot of my time.

But things have changed. I lost the day job a couple of months ago and it was really difficult. I nanny a couple of little children who were very dear to my heart, but I am a fervent believer in there is a reason for everything.

Since I left the children, I have been 100% focused on my passion: writing. I’ve finished Falling for Phoenix, start Falling for Hope: Book IV – Yes, a Fourth one! And have prepared a box set for the first two books in the Falling for Heroes Series – Falling for Shock and Falling for Freedom. Oh and I exercise – doing cardio and weight lifting five days a week. See, I told ya… busy!

Coming up though, I’m all about getting this awesome series out to you and having lots of fun discussions and talks, maybe some quizzes or polls, and I know we’ll have prizes galore! I can’t wait to start up this new season with you.

Thanks for reading and send your friends my way!! I’m out on social media all the time and  love chatting to new friends.

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