Falling for Freedom – RELEASE DAY #4 – Can it really be?!!

Good morning all! I seriously can’t believe this day is here. I have barely slept, I’m fueled by tea and a healthy breakfast, and I can’t stop smiling. Book releases are like birthdays and Falling for Freedom is one book I didn’t know was coming.

When I began writing Falling for Shock, I had no idea it would be more than just a fun short story, but as it grew into a full story and novel, I, not only fell in love with the heroes but the secondary characters as well.  The word “series” crept into my mind and I thought, hmm, yeah, I could do that. Originally, I was going to jump back to my historicals after my little jaunt into contemporary romance, but the story of Lilly’s, from The Blue Lute, parents was just not taking off. Some day it will flow and I’ll get back to it, in the meantime this purely human idea came into my head involving Edward, Oliver Hannel’s older Interpol brother.

In Shock, we met Edward as a sport enthused, family geared man who immediately leaves a rowdy World Cup Final game upon hearing his brother’s girlfriend upset on the other side of the phone. His younger brother is being held for ransom by a corrupt casino owner, Feng Khai. Nothing is more important than family in trouble and Edward, races across the Atlantic to free his brother. He’s a good man, honest, hard working, reliable, and passion for justice runs through his veins.

While writing, my inspiration for Edward came from the muse I used for Oliver, actor Henry Cavill. His real life older brother is Royal Marine Lt. Col. Nik Cavill. 84a65542dc188f7926dd76f1a6a718d2I don’t know much about the man’s personality since he isn’t a celebrity by any means, but I do know what he has done for the world through his work as a Royal Marine. Lt. Colonel Cavill, has seen seven operational tours, including three tours of Afghanistan during his career so far and was awarded the MBE in 2012 for his outstanding leadership and mastery of counter insurgency in command of X-Ray Company.

Yes, that's Queen Elizabeth II - Go Nik!

Yes, that’s Queen Elizabeth II awarding him highest honor- Go Nik!

A courageous soldier, he shared risk, hardship and constantly led from the front.

Just his efforts and devotion to his work plus his incredible Cavill good looks made him the perfect Edward.

Edward’s story then ran through my head faster than I could write it down. But who would his love interest be? He was a married man. I could have done one of those stories about a couple having hard times and their love is rekindled through a terrifying incident. I toyed with the idea, but then Cara crept into my mind as I watched this awesome movie called In the Blood.  in_the_blood-620x352Boy, did I fall in love with the heroine played  by Gina Carano, former MMA fighter (yes, Cara is a shortened form of Carano – had to give my nod to where she came from). She was so kickass! I love strong women and try to be one as much as I can in my personal life.  So away went the idea of a rekindling couple and in marched the question of what if the female was the hero of the story? What if Edward suddenly couldn’t do his job and had to rely on another person, a woman, to help his destroyed self? And boom! the story began to write itself.

I was and still am a little nervous about whether readers will like such a strong woman like Cara, but from what my advanced readers say, they truly enjoyed her, finding it refreshing to have the woman “save” the man. And I’m glad. I’m tired of the books and movies where the girl is the victim, she needs to be saved, she has to sign a contract in order for a guy to do things to her while she’s chained up.  My great-grandmother didn’t stand in protest for women’s suffrage to still have the same male dominant problems we have 100 years later. So whether people like my premise or not, I stand by it and love my Cara. She rocks!

And you can check her and Edward out TODAY!

Amazon has both Kindle ebooks & paperbacks:


Barnes & Noble has it for your Nook:



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