Meet The Shock

A little background on the newest superhero gracing the world (note: this is not the plot of the book… just a background on the character we created) …
Due to copyrights I couldn’t use Superman as my superhero character, so with the help of my, then, six year old son we created the character known as The Shock.

Simon Lloyd was a a small town boy who was involved in a strange accident involving an electric fence and a lightning storm when he was twelve. He wasn’t hurt and realized it was because he could conduct and manipulate electricity. At first he didn’t tell anyone, not even his parents about the accident because he thought they’d think he was a freak. But then one day there’s a storm and Simon is caught outside trying to run to the shelter with his mom and dad. Lightning kills his parents and, of course, sparing Simon. He couldn’t save them and he was crushed. He’s a young adult at this point and realizes he needed to learn how to use his powers for good so events like the one that took his parents wouldn’t happen again. Soon, he finds the answers to his abilities and how to use the most of them with a college professor who not only studies him but mentors and comforts him as well. And of course, there is a bad guy, the Rainmaker, who finds out Simon’s secret and tries to use his powers of creating rain to thwart any good the Shock does.

It was a fun place to start and everyday my son and I came up with something new about the Shock from who his girlfriend would be to what his costume looked like. He even came up with his own design of the character. Soon we will have a mini comic book page (or 2) of our friend the Shock, so you can witness him in action before seeing him in the pages of Falling for Shock.


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