Introducing – Falling for Shock

5 year old Eryn sporting Wonder Woman pajamas

5 year old Eryn sporting Wonder Woman pajamas

As many of my readers, friends, and family know I am a HUGE Superman fan. I was five years old when I first saw the Man of Steel in action on television and I was hooked. I wanted to be a superhero, I wanted to be the damsel, I wanted to be the spunky girlfriend to the big man himself.  Unfortunately, I don’t have super powers nor do I come from another planet, but I have a big heart and am a patriot through and through. I see heroes everywhere, whether they wear capes or not.

That thought took me to a new book idea one day. I was driving along and wondered what would it be like if an actor filming a superhero movie was mistaken for an actual superhero? If he came upon a crime in progress would he walk away, knowing he really wasn’t able to use super powers to save the victim or would he try to do something to dissuade the criminal? And what would the victim think being rescued by some crazy man running around in lycra and wearing a mask?

The words in my head began to flow. From October to February I worked long, sometimes torturous hours forcing the story from my head and out my fingers. I have researched actors, superheroes (even interviewed a real-life superhero actor), the British culture, twin sisterhood, Las Vegas, a little James Bond, and a lot of new romantic challenges just to bring this book to life. It’s not something I’d normally write. It’s not historic (gasp)! It’s not innocent (uh-oh). It’s me letting loose a little in a world where it’s okay for a girl to fall in love with a superhero…of sorts.

A little background for you…
Due to copyrights I couldn’t use Superman as my superhero character, (of course!) so with the help of my, then, six year old son we created a character known as The Shock.

Simon Lloyd was a a small town boy who was involved in a strange accident involving an electric fence and a lightning storm when he was twelve. He wasn’t hurt and realized it was because he could conduct and manipulate electricity. At first he didn’t tell anyone, not even his parents about the accident because he thought they’d think he was a freak. But then one day there’s a storm and Simon is caught outside trying to run to the shelter with his mom and dad. Lightning kills his parents and, of course, sparing Simon. He couldn’t save them and he was crushed. He’s a young adult at this point and realizes he needed to learn how to use his powers for good so events like the one that took his parents wouldn’t happen again. Soon, he finds the answers to his abilities and how to use the most of them with a college professor who not only studies him but mentors and comforts him as well. And of course, there is a bad guy, the Rainmaker, who finds out Simon’s secret and tries to use his powers of creating rain to thwart any good The Shock does.

1st image of The Shock courtesy of Cameron Lloyd

1st image of The Shock courtesy of Cameron Lloyd

It was a fun place to start and everyday my son and I came up with something new about the Shock from who his girlfriend would be to what his costume looked like. He even came up with his own design of the character.

This little thought has grown beyond our simple imagination and this Spring – April 2014 you will be able to read about Oliver Hannel, the actor playing the part of Simon Lloyd, The Shock. Stay tuned for more information!!

This new contemporary romance novel starts in a very different place. It starts with an actor named Oliver Hannel who has the privilege of playing the Shock in a blockbuster movie. While filming in small town Greenfield, Indiana, he meets a waitress/artist in the most unusual of places in the most unusual of ways- in a mugging, while he’s still dressed in his Shock costume. Does he embrace his inner superhero, his knighted lifeblood pulsing through his veins and save the day? What does the woman think of him once the act is over? Can she get past the fact that he’s merely an privileged actor playing a vigilante? Does she even care that he’s famous? It’s a great story and was SO fun to write! I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

Stay tuned to this blog and to my social media pages for more stories and breaking news about Falling for Shock. And on April 24, 2014 purchase it for yourself world-wide!

Those Moments…

…Few and far in between.

As children grow their independence grows more and more. My once newborn who was so floppy and small and could only lay in my arms eat, sleep, cry, and soil his diaper is now a seven year old boy who can tie his shoes, get his own food, and leave me for school six hours a day. Sure, he still needs me for big things and still needs guidance, but how often do I get to gather him in my arms and just stare and smile at him until my cheeks hurt like I used to do when he was an infant. How often do I get to rub his little back and sing to him when I put him to bed? These days putting him to bed includes reading silly books about school principals who wear a cape and only underpants ready to save the day.

But last night, for some reason my little man climbed on my lap and wrapped his arms around me, then asked me what that song was I used to sing to him. I’m not sure what was running through his little mind, but I told him it was Fireflies by Faith Hill. It was our lullaby. I sang it to him every night since he’s was born until he was about three or four. It was always the perfect song for us. An anthem of a young girl pretending she was a princess and travelled around the world, looking for adventure. A girl who was taught to dream. It was the life I had before my son and I always sang it to him as if I were passing on my gift of dreaming to him in the form of a lullaby.

He sang it with me last night so unlike any other time I sang it to him, whispering the soft words into the darkness as he’d fall asleep. I couldn’t help but think the time had stopped for those few minutes. We were in a bubble of no time, nothing happening all around. For that moment I was still in the hospital holding him in a fresh blanket less than twenty-four hours old. His big, round eyes staring into mine as I sang to him. He knew me, knew my voice, knew my comfort…I was his mother.

Sure, today we have many things that bond us together still. We play games together, read together, go on hiking adventures or day trip journeys and they are wonderful times that I’ll never forget, but the baby days are gone. We’ve graduated to a new era, but sometimes, like last night I get one of those moments back and he’s a little baby again. Those are the moments few and far in between when I’ll look back and remember… yep, he’s still my baby.