Here she is! I feel like I just had one of those 4D sonograms taken and I’m showing everyone the first picture of my baby.  First, I need to thank my publisher, Kerry McQuisten for this gorgeous cover! It went through about seven drafts and last week we finally made a break through in choosing which design we wanted to use. From there it just needed a little tweaking and then Wednesday, August 21, 2013 – the same night of that incredible blue moon hanging in the evening sky, this final product came across my email. I was stunned with all the little bits and pieces that had perfected the image of The Blue Lute.

Now the hardest part is the last wait before the release. To stay with the same birthing analogy, this is the third trimester and I’m busting at the seams to deliver! I can’t wait to share the story of Brandon Crowley and Lilly Charles with the world.  Until then, hopefully this snippet will quell your curiosity.
A doctoral candidate in history, Lilly Charles lives in a modern-day treasure trove of 1920s architecture—Manhattan’s St. Jean Apartments. The former hotel was once in the center of New York City’s jazz scene, and holds secrets Lilly is only beginning to discover.

A musical star in his own time, Brandon Crowley lived in an age of prohibition and gangsters, surrounded by the glamour of old Hollywood and the comfort of true friendships. As co-owner of the notorious speakeasy, The Blue Lute, he poured his life and love into his business—as a storm fueled by passion, liquor, murder and money was unleashed. And in the midst of it all, Brandon simply … disappeared.

When Lilly sees Brandon in a nearly 80-year-old photograph from the basement of the St. Jean, her reality comes undone. Could he be the same man she just saw arrested for breaking into the building? As Lilly is drawn deeper into the mysteries of Brandon’s life, a new storm of desire and danger begins to brew. Beneath the silvery moon and glitter of Times Square, an epic love story across the decades is about to unfold.

September 15th, 2013, for The Blue Lute’s release as well as a raffle and giveaway at Christina Tetreault’s blog ~ Happily Ever After ~ to kick off the roaring Blue Lute party!


The Blue Moon of August 2013

Why is tonight’s moon so special? Well, it’s because it’s a blue moon. But what is even more incredible is that it’s the fourth blue moon in one season. That does not happen very often. Now, why am I mentioning this on my author site… good question! Because there was a set of blue moons just like this, at just this time, in the year 1928 and makes a very important appearance in The Blue Lute.
August 21, 2013 - the 4th full moon in a single season

August 21, 2013 – the 4th full moon in a single season

So remember tonight’s beautiful blue moon and this gorgeous image when you open the pages of The Blue Lute in 25 days from today.

p.s. I love my camera! And my legs endured at least a dozen mosquito bites while filming this lunar treasure. So please enjoy!