Prize Reveal

Graeme in Sydney, Australia

Graeme in Sydney, Australia

So I’ll be taking pictures of Beneath the Wall with me when I go to Florida this week.  Remember to take your book-friend with you when you go and enter to win.


Take Beneath the Wall (electronic device or paperback – I’m not picky) with you to wherever you go and take pictures against signs telling me where you are OR even have something iconic in the background.

The furthest, the most famous or most exotic wins!  So show me the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building.  Get a sign from every Provence, every state! I can’t wait to see how far this goes!


Please contact me on Facebook

Or email 


The winner will be chosen on JUNE 1, 2013 and will receive something very dear and precious to one (or two, if you think about it) of the characters in the book.  This is a one of a kind item, that I had specially made for a very lucky fan. Courtesy of Camp Lincoln here in the Springfield, Illinois: DSC_1768

If a personal item is not your style then we can find an Ebook copy of Beneath the Wall in your size…how about that?

P.S. Those who have already sent me pictures WILL be counted.  But feel free to send me more and out-do yourselves.


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