I spent all night last night wondering how I should go about presenting the blog today – should I make it a biography? Should I only talk about my book? Should I emphasize love (ok lust) and sexiness?  Then it occurred to me, I can do all three and still be myself. And being true to myself is very important to me. I am unique and silly and I don’t need to conform to anyone’s previous interviews.  So without further adieu… Ladies and Gentlemen, Beneath the Wall has the pleasure of being one of the first 100 romantic novels that this man has graced the cover of.  He is strong, handsome and as sweet as can be.  He is the face and body of my Sgt. Mack Roberts – He is Jason Aaron Baca!

First of all, thank you so much for joining me on my blog and for becoming the face (and fine muscular arms) of Beneath the Wall.cover3

Jason – Thanks for inviting me to your blog Eryn.


Let’s go to the very beginning.  Were you always an athletic kid?  If so, what was your favorite sport?

 Jason – Yes, growing up I played all sports, but before long all of my friends and family knew I had a special gift in baseball. I played all through high school and college.

Do you have a favorite professional baseball team now?

Jason – Being from California, I’m a Giants’ fan, of course!


What was your first modeling job? And how did that segue into cover modeling?

 Jason – My first modeling job I stumbled upon during the filming of I Know What You Did Last Summer where I’d been a double for one of the main actors in the movie. The on location photographer initially invited me off to the side to take a few snap shots of me. He then realized that I was sort of a natural at posing. I didn’t fall into the being a romance cover model, I found out that part on my own.


You basically have to act a part when becoming a character in a book. So when you go in for a photo shoot give us an example of how you get into “character”?

Jason – It all depends on the character and how much information they provide about this character. Most of the time I’m stone face, expressionless but with a very confident look. When it comes to these shoots, the more I do them, the more confident I become.


What kinds of bodywork do you do before a shoot to make those muscles pop?

Jason – Tons of it. If a shoot is at 1pm I make sure to be in my health club at 11am sharp to burn in the muscles as much as possible. I realize that I have to look my best on that day so that the publishers and authors will get what they paid for. I only expect the best from myself on that day. I normally don’t eat before the shoot as I don’t want to have a full belly. I want to look lean and mean.


Since Beneath the Wall is a historical fiction and many other books you pose for are as well, do you, personally, have a favorite era or one you’d rather live in other than now?

 Jason – No I don’t have a personal favorite. Great question though! All of the themes I’ve done are fun for me. Whatever they tell me they want to do, I mentally prepare myself for.


In Beneath the Wall the hero you portray, Mack Roberts’, favorite car is a 1965 candy apple red Mustang. Do you have a favorite car or motorcycle?

Jason – The funny thing is, I drive a red mustang! What are the odds of that? It is a favorite of mine. I’m not much of a motorcycle guy especially after flying off one and breaking my arm in high school.

jasonmustangThat is incredible!! I had no idea you and Mack shared that love!  What a coincidence!  P.S. ladies – how many of you are actually looking at the car?  HA!


We all have lazy moments, even super busy people like you and me… What is your ideal lazy day?

Jason – I haven’t had a lazy day in ages! Maybe that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I will have to tell you what an ideal one is: when I get one!


Thank you again for joining me today, Jason!  Let’s leave the readers with one last question:

If you could have any other profession other than the one you have, what would you do and why?

Jason – Well then I’d be a professional baseball player of course! The first ½ of my life I had it engrained in my head that that was what I was destined to do. It exists only in my imagination today.


And, if I haven’t said it enough, Thank you for bringing Mack and Beneath the Wall to life! This journey has been a dream come true!!

Jason – Well thank you very much! It has been quite enjoyable being your character Mack. And to add to your giveaway Eryn, I’d like to add a signed Model Card to give to the winner!

Oh thank you Jason! The readers will definitely like that!  And what a good way to segue into the drawing I have planned for this week.

If you would like to WIN a FREE and SIGNED printed copy of BENEATH THE WALL – then leave a comment below – either today, February 14th, 2013 or February 15th and I will pick the winner Saturday morning 9AM CST, February 16th, 2013!

*everyone gets counted once except for Valentine’s Day where you will get twice.  So please don’t leave multiple comments.  I would greatly appreciate it!



  1. Ery-poo! You know how much I love this book! I recommend it to EVERYONE! and you know how much I lusted over the man on the cover and now it’s even better!!! First of all, Jason is my favorite name, and baseball is my favorite sport! No, I wasn’t looking at the car, but, ummmm…. is that a wedding ring on his finger??? is it a prop????????????????? 😦 But serious Beneath the Wall is one of my favorite books, and I fell in love with the characters. I cried with them, I experienced their joy and pain with them. It is such a wonderful book!

  2. I had a lot of fun doing this interview w/ Eryn. Looks to me that she has a big writing career in front of her now. I’m honored to be on the cover of her first published novel “Beneath The Wall”

    I loved all of your comments as it really builds me up for that next shoot!

    Thanks again!

  3. I think it might be a sin for you post his mustang picture here. Did I say mustang? Silly me, I meant Jason. He should walk around with a shirt (if he must wear a shirt) that says “Be Naughty”
    I feel guilty just looking at him, and I could be his mother.

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