Extensive Questions

First, I want to thank Clive Eaton for ‘nominating’ me for a Liebster Award. I don’t know where this blog chain started, but here are the requirements: I have to list 11 random facts about me, then answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated me (that would be Clive). I then nominate 11 bloggers to follow on from me and come up with 11 new questions (cannot use the same ones I was asked or the ones I asked). I post the award on my blog and it goes on – hopefully bringing new readers to our blogs. So, let’s get started: 

Eleven facts about me

1) One of my husband’s nicknames for me is Hobbit, because I’m a mere five feet tall.

2) I consider myself ambidextrous. I write and eat with my right hand but do everything else with my left better – like bowl. I’ve even trained myself to write with the left legibly just in case anything happens to my right hand.

3) The first movie I remember seeing in the movie theater was Return of the Jedi, when I was eight. I went with my dad and got lost on the way back from the bathroom, and sat on another guy’s lap for a second before I realized my father was two rows up more. Talk about embarrassing.

4) I love musicals. From Annie to the Vietnam War drama Miss Saigon, I have a good most of them memorized and will sing them loudly and often!

5) Miss Saigon was actually the story that revved my story-juices to write Beneath the Wall. I couldn’t get Kim and Chris’ child Tam out of my mind after seeing the play on Broadway. I wondered what happened to the child afterwards and somehow my own, unique story came forth.

6) I am 3/4th Irish and the rest is a mix of a lot of French (both Canadian and European French) with a touch German and English, according to Ancestry.com. I spent last summer tracing my father’s side of the family – something I knew very little about. My uncle claims my grandfather even traced our lineage back to the Versailles court during the reign of King Louis XVI, but I’m not sure if that is just a story or not.

7) I’ve met my fair share of celebs. The last I counted I’ve spoken to 26 different movie/tv/or

Eryn and Dean Cain 11/22/96 NYC

Eryn and Dean Cain 11/22/96 NYC

music stars. Some of my favorite meetings were, Dean Cain (twice and a private phone call this past fall), Susan Sarandon, Sandra Bullock, and Rod Stewart – the funniest story of them all.

8) I love to paint, draw, sketch & play around with my camera. Being creative is second nature to me that it almost seems weird if I don’t have a blank piece of paper and a pen with me at all times.

9) I consider myself an amateur gardener.

Last year's garden, during my book release party

Last year’s garden, during my book release party

I haven’t quite reached master gardener yet, but I’m working on it. I definitely have a green thumb.

10) I’m never satisfied with the answer: No. I always have to push beyond it until it’s a definite grounded No and even then, I can’t get whatever it is out of my mind until I succeed.

11) I’ve never been outside the United States. I hate to say it, but I’m afraid of traveling over seas. The long plane ride, the strange illnesses, being trapped in a foreign country just scare me.  Maybe some day I’ll get across the oceans, but I might have to be heavily drugged.

Now to answer Clive’s 11 questions:

1) Let’s start with an easy music question. What is your favourite all time album, and why?

Easy? This is a tough one, Clive! I love so many – I have 6,000 songs on my iPod. I’m going to go with Fireflies by Faith Hill though because it is the most poignant one in my history. I saw Faith and her husband Tim McGraw perform together while this album was out, I listened to it all during my pregnancy with my son and the song Fireflies is the lullaby I’ve sang to him all his little life.  So it is a very special album in our house.

2) You have a hot-air balloon with ten famous people in it (all currently living). The balloon is rapidly heading towards the entrance of a volcano – which would result in death for all on-board. With just nine on-board, the balloon would head to safety. Which famous person would you sacrifice, and which famous person would you save above all others, and WHY?

Good one! I would definitely save my Dean Cain. But then again he played Superman and since this is a fantasy maybe he’d have his powers back, he’d save me and then we could fly off together… too far?? J. Now who would I toss out…Eminem, he’s nothing but a punk and is never appreciative of the awards he receives. He just seems very disrespectful.

3) Marmite, Love or Hate?:

I know what Marmite is but I’ve never tasted it, so I really can’t comment on it. I will always try something once though.

4) You are invited to a hypothetical dinner party with three other guests (dead or alive) – Who would you choose, and why?

I’m making this a ladies tea party instead 🙂

Jackie Kennedy Onassis – my favorite First Lady, she’d be gracious, poised and we could talk about our favorite books.

Vivien Leigh – because she was Scarlett O’Hara, my all time favorite movie character and I’d love to hear all the inside gossip on the film and all the others she created when she was alive.

And my grandmother Anna St. Jean – she’s still alive but has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember much. I would love to have her back for one more conversation where she is well and able to communicate like she used to. I love you Cracky.

My beautiful grandmother and I at our last meeting in Florida.

My beautiful grandmother and I at our last meeting in Florida.

5) If you could change one thing about this World, what would it be?

It would definitely be to stop all the fighting, death and destruction in the world. There is too much and hearing about children being captured or killed is just beyond fathoming and doesn’t need to happen.

6) Do you believe intelligent life exist beyond this planet? Please explain the reason behind your answer, whether it be yes, or no.

Yes, I do. I don’t think they are little green men, but I don’t think that Earth is the only planet in the whole universe that has life on it.  We just have to find it.

7) You could be given the answer to one question, yet unanswered by mankind, what would that question be?

Where exactly is Heaven and Hell?

8) If a famous author said they wanted to use, on the front cover of their book, a quote from you about one of their books – Who would be the author, which book would you review, and what would be your one line quote?

It would be Jude Deveraux. I’ve read and loved her since I was a teen and absolutely look to her as a pseudo-mentor. I’d choose her fantastic novel Sweet Liar. “Jude Deveraux at her very best! You’ll fall in love with Michael and feel Samantha’s pain, become their friend and yearn to read more about the love they shared together.”

9) Your favourite musician/band has agreed to play three songs to you and a small group of friends. Who would you choose, and what three songs would you want them to play?

I’m going to go with Garth Brooks on this one. He’s an awesome songwriter, singer and entertainer. You feel the words he sings not just hear them.  And he’d have to play Shameless, Thunder Rolls and Friends in Low Places.

10) You’ve been offered a VIP package to a sporting event. Which famous sporting event would you most like to see, and who would you want to see win it?

The Olympics, Men’s swimming and since Michael Phelps won’t be competing I’d like Ryan Lochte or Nathan Adrian to win. Really I don’t care who would win, just as long as I can watch their long, muscular bodies, swimming through ripples of waves and water… uh hem – excuse me there for a moment!

11) Which book do you wish you had written, and why?

Gone with the Wind. It was popular right from the start, was made into a huge Hollywood movie, won Oscars and is still talked about 75 years later!

Now my questions for your blog

1)    If you could be a Rockstar, Astronaut, or Pro-Baseball player which would you be and why?

2)    What does your perfect night alone entail?

3)    If you had the right to eliminate any sport from the face of the earth, what would it be?

4)    If you go back and change any event, either in your personal life or in history, what would it be and why?

5)    How do you chose the names in your books? What factors do you take into effect?

6)    Name your top 3 favorite movies or books, if you don’t watch movies (it can’t be one of your own)

7)    What song title best describes your life?

8)    What genre, other than the one you write, would you like to try?

9)    What is your go-to curse word?

10) Name one person – alive or dead, famous or not, that you admire and why?

11) A special education teacher, a bachelor pharmaceutical engineer with a formula ready to take to market that will cure cancer, a 45 yr. old mother of two and you are on a leaky boat only big enough to hold two people.  Including yourself, who would you chose to survive with and why?

Authors I tag to follow me!

Christina Tetreault  @cgricci

P.S.  If you are an author and you want to join my list – just add your blog or website to my comments below and I’ll tag you.



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  1. I loved reading your answers! We are kindred spirits I think. I also love GWTW and Miss Scarlett. Garth Brooks is of course a favorite but I think I would have to include the song Belleau Wood. I love that song. Anyway, keep up the good work. I am waiting (patiently) for your next book. No pressure.

  2. Happy Valentines Day Miss Eryn. It is finally after midnight and I wanted to get a double entry so I waited. I absolutely love BTW and have been writing reviews, suggesting it to friends on Goodreads and Facebook. I know you will become such a successful author {to me you already are} that it will be beyond even what you can imagine right now. Good luck my friend. And have a great V Day with your men.

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