Thirteen’s a Charm

I had the pleasure of meeting a fantastic author a couple of weeks ago on Twitter.  Her name is Kathy Lawry Logan and if paths are supposed to cross then I am so happy hers crossed with mine.  From the moment I read her info blurb: Marathoner & Author of historical & romantic suspense. THE RUBY BROOCH is an Amazon time travel bestseller I knew I had a fast friendHistorical, romance suspense and time travel! Uhh, that’s everything I like to read all summed up in one list.  That afternoon I picked up her lovely book and spent several nights in a row reading until the wee hours of morning.  It was a incredible book!! Here was my formal review:  The funniest part of reading her work though, was how much her story and voice was like my own books, yet we had never met before.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re not like twins but there are some similarities that made us both scratch our heads a bit.

Unprompted, Ms. Logan bought Beneath the Wall and read it in the same I read hers – unable to put it down. I was so humbled and delighted to find her review of my baby this morning.


I don’t feel worthy of such beautiful words, especially when her book was beyond wonderful in my mind. Thank you so much Kathy! I’m so glad we found each other in the scattered and rapid-paced world of Twitter.  May we stick together for a long time!

You can follow me on Twitter @erynalicia and Kathy @KathyLLogan

If you would like to read more about or purchase The Ruby Brooch

visit Kathy’s blog with her several links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble…etc.



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