A Moment to Breathe




NMS_0475Well well Happy New Year to everyone!  I don’t know how smoothly your holiday season went, but I think we had Christmas…we might’ve had a New Year… I’m pretty sure we had food.  It was all such a blur here at my little house that I blinked and it was all gone.

December is such a busy month for us with one of my sister’s birthdays, that same sister’s homecoming, my wedding anniversary, my son’s birthday and Christmas all at once and then the New Year –  it is impossible to keep afloat in the sea of festivities.  Then throw on illnesses and trying to edit a book in time for the end of January and it was mass chaos.

I was able to step back on Christmas Eve, after running all around town and settling at my parents’ house for a finger-food dinner and breathe for just a moment. Unfortunately tears followed that breath as I began remembering the days when Christmas was simple, beautiful and perfectly quintessential.  My whole extended family would get together at my grandparents’ house in Norwood, Massachusetts and have dinner with everyone dressed in their very best.  My sisters and I would be in sweet little dresses, hair bows, wooly tights and patented leather shoes, running around the house, waiting to open the enormous amount of gifts under the oversized Christmas tree.  There would be music playing and it was guaranteed that It’s a Wonderful Life would playing on a television somewhere under the roof.  Soon one of the cousins would be chosen to play Santa Claus, retrieving and distributing the gifts among us all, then they’d be opened one by one. By late evening, we were brought barely awake to my other grandparents house where we’d sleep and wake up to another tree looming above colorful boxes.

All were perfect images of a simpler time.  Today, my grandparents are with God or living in a home, old and invalid and gone are those precious times. No one gets together, no one visits, and phone calls are nill to none thanks to social media.  And here I try to make every holiday as precious and memorable as before for my son, but I can’t. I swear, some day I will have that idyllic Christmas eve and morn once again.

Now, as sit and type – tonight being the end of Christmas break for my little boy, I’m grateful that I have my family and that we, as small as we are just the three of us, were together, healthy and happy during the busy season.  Happy New Year All!!!  There is so much to come from this author in 2013!







  1. Wow, Eryn! I have chills and tears because I feel exactly as you do. Although, the Christmases I spend with my extended (in-law) family are wonderful, I miss spending holidays with the families and relatives we grew up with. It’s such a shame because you know Nana and Papa are probably looking down in sadness over this too. And Grammy and Grandpa, unfortunately aren’t mentally aware as they use to be.

    Family ties are such a beautiful blessing and should be celebrated and appreciated every day we have the air in our lungs to breathe. I can’t help but think about all of the poor families from the Sandy Hook trajedy. What wouldn’t they give to have a moment more with their loved ones?

    I love you big sister and I am so thankful for you.Thank you for posting this, the world would be a better place if we all truly followed in Christ’s footsteps and loved and forgave more.

      • Agree with the both of you. Literally took the words out of my head. The yesterdays of our childhood were so much simpler and, in hindsight, magical. We have so many memories to take into the present and in trying to re-create them for our own children seem to pale in comparison. However, I know repeating my beloved traditions are becoming favorites for Tyler and Liam. But the sense of family is not what it used to be or what it should be. We should all be together again!!!!! Extended and immediate!!!

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