On the Air!

I have an awesome surprise for everyone out there getting tired of shopping Black Friday sales… I was on the RADIO!!! WTAX 1240AM Springfield on a show called Close-up with Bob Murray. http://www.wtax.com/WTAX-Podcasts/3236780 (featuring me!!)

Way back when I was reviewed by Marty Morris in the Morris Chair, Marty suggested I contact Bob Murray for this show.  I didn’t hear from him for a few weeks, then Marty wrote me again saying I never included my phone number -eek! So I left my number and Bob called me right away saying he’d love to get me into the studio.

I went in this morning, all of 45 minutes ago and had a lovely interview.  Just click on the blue lettering above for the link.  It’s about a seven minute podcast and it was SO much fun!  I got there a bit early, I wanted to make sure I had the right directions, and wandered about the building checking out the place where just about every station in Springfield is located.

About five minutes before the interview, Bob escorted me into the studio, where I got to sit at the big production desk, surrounded by walls of gray, foam spikes (the kind you always see on tv-hehe!) and a microphone in front of me.  He set me up with headphones and I felt like such a big shot.  But in reality it was just like having a conversation with a guy who loves talking to writers.  It was great!!  And best of all I didn’t cough through the whole thing!  I’ve been fighting one of those end-of-the-cold coughs for a few weeks now and I was so afraid I’d start hacking, but I didn’t!

So without further delay please have fun and listen to my podcast!  I’m so excited for this opportunity to reach out to more readers!  Thanks Bob and Marty!



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