Tag! You’re it!

I was tagged by M.J. Schiller author of Taken by Storm. Thank you, M.J.! I’m honored! As part of the tag, I’m supposed to answer some questions.

What is the title of my next book?

The Blue Lute

Think you have life all figured out?  Brandon Crowley did until the night of August 31, 1928. Fleeing into a dark alley, after being chased by Nick Abruzzio’s thugs, the man holding his fiancée, Christine Hutton, captive; Brandon emerges seventy years later in modern-day New York City.  With his friends long gone, and nowhere to turn, Brandon is stranded in an unfamiliar time.

He is at a dead-end until he meets Lilly, a soulful graduate student at New York University, studying history, two years later.  She sees Brandon as a mysterious stranger obsessed with the past.  Only to Brandon, it’s his present, and Lilly is soon caught up in a decades-old mystery they must solve.  Through twists and turns they find out that the truth was a far cry from what Brandon thought his life was in 1928, instead it was a vicious lie created by the one he loved the most.

I loved writing Beneath the Wall, but The Blue Lute is one of my favorite pieces.  I am a huge fan of the 1920s, time travel and a good love story, so to my this is a perfect story.


Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Mr. Matthew Bomer from White Collar

  I was watching the tv show Monk back when it was still on and USA Network flashed a picture of Matt Bomer and the series White Collar. I gasped and shot out of my seat, yelling to my husband, “That’s Brandon!!”  My husband, as diligent a supporter that he is, knew I meant my book. I explained to him that I had this make believe image of who I thought Brandon Crowley would be and Matt’s picture pops up with a perfect likeness of him.  To this day, it still takes my breath away how much Matt resembles my imagination.  Even here, in this photograph, he’s carrying a guitar case, Brandon is a guitar player…. ahhh be still my heart.

And Diana Argon from Glee would make a perfect Lilly.  Smart, sensible, beautiful and very easily transformable into a 1920s flapper if the story calls for it.












Last year Matt Bomer guest starred on Glee and I was so excited because that meant that my dream characters were together so I could have one beautiful picture of Brandon and Lilly side by side.

Now it’s my turn to tag five authors. I am going to begin with, M.J. – she has been my friend, my colleague and my mentor ever since I joined the Romance Writers of America.  She is hilarious and super talented.  Her lovely book came out just a month after mine and it’s wonderful!  It’s called Taken by Storm and I can’t put it down.  It’s available at Amazon.com and if you want an awesome much like The Prince of Persia and Troy, then check her out!

I’m also going to tag Christina Tetreault. I wrote a blog on her not too long ago, so I won’t elaborate too much right now.  Her fantastic books are The Teacher’s Billionaire and The Billionaire Playboy.  I love them both so much and she really needs to make her fingers fly faster so I can read the third book in the series!

My other wonderful friend is Magan Vernon.  She has so many good books, I hope I can list them all. There’s the How to Date an Alien series with How to Date an Alien, How to Break Up with an Alien, and the just recently released How to Marry an Alien.  She also has out My Paper Heart and coming soon is a fantastic, cutting edge YA novel about the future of body enhancements.

Another one of my friends is R.T. Wolfe who wrote Black Creek Burning.  I’m not quite finished with this one, but I’m getting there.  R.T. is the 3rd part of the trio of authors who were all chosen to be published with me this summer.  She’s a funny, quirky, colorfully-languaged woman and I’m so glad to call her a friend.

Lastly, I’ll tag Donna Fasano. I met Donna on Pinterest after loving one of her covers. From Pinterest I looked her book up on Amazon and contacted her.  She’s a sweetheart of a woman; a delightful, creative author and a giving person. Without her I don’t think I would have gotten half the amount of advertising I needed for Beneath the Wall.  Thanks Donna.  Oh and she has a huge collection of books, I can’t wait to read another one.  The first one I read, His Wife for a While, was so very good!

Okay, authors, your turn.  If you were tagged, grab the questions above —or create your own! — and tag five authors you love…let’s keep this going.



  1. Dude- you can’t tag me! That’s cheating! (But thanks!) Love, love, love the picture of your dream peeps! Gotta say, though, not my visual for them. I think the visual has a lot to do with the name. I thought Brandon was blond, and I saw Lily as more mousy, with darker blond hair…and freckles, for some reason… Or maybe it’s not just the name, maybe it’s just how you see the characters in your mind (a young female historian would look like this, a time traveler would look like this…). Anyways, thanks for the kind words and friendship!

    • Sorry, I misunderstood, I thought you got it back since you started it. You used R.T., so I just copied you! haha! And Lilly as a mousy blonde… I’m so offended haha! Chapter one, Matthew asks her if she’s a student by day, supermodel by night. 🙂 Yeah and Brandon is SO not a blonde. I only like dark haired guys.

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