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About two weeks ago I found out that Beneath the Wall was finally uploaded on Barnes & Noble’s website in all forms.  I called our local store and found that anyone can now walk off the street and order the book straight to their store.  It won’t go on the shelf though, but because of some crazy red tape that the promotional manager won’t make an effort to cut through (don’t get me started). Anyhow, the next day I searched local ways to promote my beloved first novel and came across a reviewing blog in our local online newspaper. I sent my book to Marty Morris, the reviewer. He wrote me the next day, saying he was about to set Beneath the Wall aside because it was a romance and he didn’t read romances…talk about judging a book by it’s muscle-bound, hunky cover – but he kept reading and was drawn in by my characters enough to finish the whole thing in just a weekend.  He liked it! Not only that, he went a step further and even investigated the history of female combat journalists in Vietnam.  There were a bunch and many didn’t survive the war.  Heroes in their own right.

So this week I have the privilege to be featured on The Morris Chair, today and the State Journal Register on Thursday, November 8th, 2012.

I was going to post Mr. Morris’ blog on Facebook today, but I have too many friends, family and fans that have yet to read Beneath the Wall and the review has some spoilers in it.  So if you would like to read Marty Morris’ review and have read Beneath the Wall, please feel free to check out:


And on Thursday go and check out:



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