This weekend I was blessed to have a book release party for Beneath the Wall.  Having a book published is  a dream come true and a major accomplishment. Celebrating this moment was almost as big of a deal as the actual release!  For weeks I planned out the tiny details from what to wear to the style of the menu.  At first, I thought we could do a 1960s theme and even have my guests dress  appropriately, but my husband said that was stupid.  I still did my hair and make up in the 60s style though.  I tried to get Jon to wear something Marine like, but he refused… at least I got him out of ordinary shorts and a t-shirt for the night.

The party took place at our home here in Springfield.

Last year Jon transformed our patio from an everyday renter’s stone-floored, boring patio to an exquisite outdoor entertainment area.

He built a fire in our pit and I lit the whole place up with candles and plucked roses all around.

 It was beautiful!


As for the menu, we decided to celebrate the place where the story takes place: Vietnam (East Asia). Vietnam is where my characters meet, it’s the setting of the whole story and Mack’s heritage is half Japanese so Asian was definitely a theme to go with. And sticking with the military side of the story, my former Marine neighbor, Justin, entrusted me with some of his belongings to decorate the tables with.

We had Asian Turkey meatballs made with ground turkey, minced fresh ginger, garlic and green onions and a sesame dipping sauce.  They were delicious! (well, sort of – it was such a busy day that they stayed in the oven a little too long and dried out rather quickly, but hey I couldn’t do it all.  But the flavor was there!)  Adding the menu we also had fresh shrimp cocktail, an assortment of fruits and vegetables brought by a couple of our guests.  My friends were so sweet too, keeping their food as festive as could be. Mandi Miller, my very good friend and Grammar Guru, cut her cucumbers into stars and fellow author M.J. Schiller brought a fruit and cheese dish, cutting the cheese in the shape of dog tags!  Both surprises were wonderful!

Along with our food, I also made some peppermint iced green tea and basil infused lemonade to drink.  The added herbs came fresh from my garden and added such a nice little pop to the normally boring beverages.  No party is complete without dessert and there is nothing better, in my opinion, than cake! My sister had this cute idea to have the individual cakes spell out the title of the book, since we didn’t have an actual copy of Beneath the Wall on hand yet.  

After we ate, my dear husband gathered us around with Moscato (an Italian sparkling wine) and sparkling grape juice and toasted to my accomplishment and we gave thanks to those family and friends who supported me throughout the years in getting Beneath the Wall written and produced.  In turn, I also thanked him for all his support and allowing me to follow my dream.  I couldn’t have done any of this without him and I will be forever grateful for him being with me on this journey.


In the end, we chatted and laughed without friends and before we said goodnight, I came out with one more surprise: I gave everyone homemade fortune cookies that had quotes from the book inside, instead of fortunes.  My son was more than excited to run inside and grab a flashlight so all of us could read what line we got in out cookies.

My dear friend and fellow novelist M.J. Schiller wrote. “Last night I had the pleasure of attending my girlfriend, Eryn’s, book release party for “Beneath the Wall.” It is a Vietnam War era romance and so I tried to channel my inner hippie for the occasion, only to discover, I have no inner hippie! Beautiful evening with themed food, Oriental meatballs, gigantic cupcakes that spelled out “Beneath the Wall,” even HOMEMADE fortune cookies with quotes from the book inside. Eryn had stepladders with candles on the rungs outside of her beautiful brick-walled courtyard, a camo helmet and a dress hat on top of the wall, and books about the service on the sidetable as decorations. Her friends were delightful and her son, Cam, has had my heart since the first moment I laid eyes on him. Hubbie, Jon, made a beautiful toast and I got to meet Eryn’s parents, who I already admired from their work in Cam’s Spiderman video. Plus, I got to pet her three Corgies. Wonderful evening and I am so proud of Eryn!”

Aww thanks M.J., it was a pleasure having you share such a wonderful moment with you!  All in all it was a perfect night for such a special celebration!


September 12, 2012 the paperback version of Beneath the Wall has arrived!  The UPS man rang the bell and when I door the first thing I asked was “Is that package from Oregon?”

He read the label and said, “Yes, from Black Lyon Publishing.”

I screamed, he jumped and laughed explaining that it was my book!!

He left, I grabbed my keys and Cameron and I practically flew to my mom and dad’s house.  Seeing my name in actually book print is beyond amazing!! It’s right there with meeting my husband for the first time and giving birth to my son.



  1. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you. You have been waiting for this moment since I met you and now it is finally here. You are an inspiration to all of us. You never gave up on your dream E. You kept at it and proved to us that Hard work and dedication do pay off, that DREAMS CAN come true and that GOOD… ahem, GREAT THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.”

    I am beyond being a proud friend. I admire you and look up to you. You showed me that I can do anything so long as I keep at it and never give up. Thank you for being such a great friend and inspiration.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful night and such a perfect documentation of the party. I know you’ll go back and read this blog many many times — when you’re celebrating Books 2 – 10! When you’re having a down day in your writing career and just want a reminder of why we put ourselves through this! And just because it truly has become one of the stellar experiences in your life. Congratulations Eryn and try to savor every moment!!

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