Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting:


Debuting September 1st, 2012  


Soon to be available on:

This day and the ones to come have been a speck of a dream in my eyes ever since I was fifteen. I’ve written many times on this blog about how much I’ve wanted to share my writing with the world, so I won’t drone on about it now. (If you need a refresher, please see the blogs entitled The Firsts and Intro to BTW. )  But these last few weeks have made me feel an amalgamation of things: frustration, fear, confusion, sadness, and most recently happy, excited, and blissful.  I truly hope that you will embrace the characters I have created as much as I have.  Get ready world Mack and Julianne are coming to town in a little over a week!

So here’s to the official countdown to the release of Beneath the Wall – 8 days, 2 hrs, 28 mins !!!  Do you think Times Square will let me borrow the crystal New Year’s ball for the final ten seconds??

cover model: Jason Aaron Baca



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