First Bit of Publicity

One of the great women I work with at the Romance Writers of America: Heart and Scrolls chapter, Laurie Larsen, wrote a wonderful piece on the incredible phenomena that happened in the month of May in our group.  Three first time authors, me included, all received contracts just weeks apart!  Never has this happened before and the rarity of such prompted the lovely Ms. Larsen to write a blog about us.


Laurie Larsen is the 2010 EPIC award winner and author of six published books. But to me she has been such a helpful asset to the editing of my work as well as an advisor and mentor when it came time to review the publishing company and it’s contract.  Thank you so much Laurie for being you and helping me along on this wonderful journey.


** And as an update:  Beneath the Wall is currently being edited by Black Lyon Publishing, then cover design (which I am allowed to help design – so excited), printing and ready to be released sometime in the fall.  I plan on having a celebrating release party whenever that date may be!




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