Happy New Year!

Christmas is over, the tree is down. The champagne cork popped, the confetti swept up.  It’s time to get back to work.  This year already has had its ups and downs despite only being sixteen days old.  I’m sure many of you know I made it through a tough round with a small publishing house that was reading Beneath the Wall.  The editor liked it, but I had too many mistakes.  Luckily, she is a very nice lady and enjoyed the story enough to give it another chance after I fix my errors.  I’m working on them now, polishing the manuscript up so it shines like a diamond in a jewelry store case. 

In the mean time, this situation enabled me to bond closer to the women at Heart and Scrolls, the Romance Writers of America Central Illinois Chapter, I belong to.  I took a chance and stated my rejected feelings in an email to the group.  Almost every woman wrote back with full of support or advice from where to go from here.  The outpouring made me swell with female-pride.  If this same incident had been with a group of males, I bet they would’ve smack each other on the back and merely say, “Tough break dude, here have a beer.” (Of course I really don’t know, I’m not a guy and I probably just made a really sexist statement there… eh well, it’s my blog). 

Anyways, one fellow writer suggested I use my blog to write short stories and hone my writing abilities under a word limitation.  The theory being, if I can write a sharper story with fewer words, than my longer novels will be that much better.  So I am going to give it a try.  From here on out, I will designate a few blogs to being only short stories.  In the comment sections, please feel free and critique my entries.  I won’t get angry or depressed, I promise.  I really do feel the best way to improve is to learn from my mistakes. 

Thank you and enjoy my immediate next entry.  Short Story Number One.



  1. So glad the chapter helped you get through a rough patch. They’ve done the same for me. That’s why we’re here: celebrate our successes, and help each other get back up when they’ve fallen down. Looking forward to the short stories!

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