What Dreams May Come

I feel the need to write a blog about dreams, but what about… I don’t know.  We all have them right?  Some are small – meeting a favorite celebrity and some are grand – Becoming a celebrity all on your own.  (I should mention, some are more heart-felt than those, but for today let’s just stick to these.)  It’s so easy to have a dream and to just let it be that… a dream, but for some of us that dream is so close and so deep in our veins that we can taste it! 

I feel that way every day.  All of my life, I have had both heart-felt dream such as finding my soulmate, getting married, having a baby; and now that I have accomplished those I am back to my more superficial but very real goals of wanting to have the limelight shine on me.  I was always the little girl who performed for everyone and anyone.  At age five I hopped on the stage at church and sang in front of the whole congregation, beaming as I did.  I loved every play, every musical, every competition I was in, but still was never one of the “cool kids”.  

Then came my passion for writing and my love for history.  I remember being in Washington D.C. or the Lexington/Concord battlefields in Massachusetts and feeling the essence of what was once happening on the grass beneath me.  Who walked these grounds?  What history was made here?  The earth was electric with historic significance and my spirit was alive with yearning.  I connected with history then and by the time college came around I had no idea what to do with it, but I knew I had to be apart of it.  Once I started using my history background, writing about it was the next step.  I never wanted to write nonfiction material, mainly because I am very imaginative and want to be in history as a character myself.  When I am writing a historical fiction I can be anyone anywhere in the world and in any time in history. 

Back to the subject at hand though, dreams.  Yes, it may be superficial to want to see my name in print on a book shelf, but it’s something I’ve always wanted.  I’m not the person who could be happy with just keeping my writing in a drawer somewhere.  No way!  I want to share my craft with other history lovers out there and I want them to like me.  I want to be  just like Sally Field when she won her second Oscar screaming, “You like me, You really really like me!” from the podium. 

So we all have dreams and I wish we could all have the passion to bring these dreams to fruition.  The human brain and drive is a very powerful things and if a dream is something you really want, you can do it.  I’m not going to give up my dreams for anything!  And God-willing they will come true.



  1. Eryn, I feel the same way. It’s like a gnawing inside of me. As you and I have discussed, you create these characters, that you love, and you want them to breathe, have life. I don’t necessarily want the fame that goes with it. If my characters could be famous, and I could stay in the background, that would suit me just fine. The financial aspect only appeals to me because we are strapped right now, but I don’t need a lot of money out of it. I would like to make enough to sort of pay my husband back for being so supportive of me, help him to worry less about providing for our family. And the idea of seeing my book on a store’s shelf, now that would be a rush! I think we all have an urge to contribute something of worth to the mix, and, I’m sure, like me, you’ve felt that writing was your best avenue to do that. Wouldn’t it be cool if someday our books would be next to each other on the same shelf!

    • See my husband was giving me a hard time because I said that being famous for something was a dumb goal. I am one of five girls in my family, I am the oldest followed by a set of twins and two adopted sisters from China…. there is nothing outrageous about me. Often I was left behind to shine alone. I don’t knock it, by any means, because it made me who I am today. but it does make that goal in my life to want to shine in the limelight. I’m not talking talk shows or guest spots on The View or anything. Just a newspaper acknowledgment and a long line during a book signing is fine! :). There was once this story about an author that walked through the airport and saw her book under the arm of two people heading to their planes. She was so excited about that and to me that’s the fame I’d like. I want to people to read my books and love them just as much as I do. And yes!!! How awesome would it be if we were right next to each other on a book shelf someday!! We’d have to pose for pics together then! 🙂
      OH it’s funny… the financial aspect of writing doesn’t appeal to me. I know that sounds crazy and I would love to give back to my husband too for the same reasons you do…. but I don’t care to make millions. Jon does though. 🙂 He wants to quit working and retire young!

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