5 Senses

Touch – got it; hear – yep; see – absolutely…. but taste and smell?  I am working on my latest contest this week and one of the judging criteria is How does the author use all five senses to describe a scene?  Three of the senses are fairly easy since they are used quite regularly in explaining the setting in which the characters are in.  But unless the person is eating – they truly can’t taste anything right?  And in real life, when is the last time you took in what you were smelling in the middle of a crisis situation?  Sure, maybe later if you smelled something similar to that time the olfactory sense might kick in, but in the heat of the moment?? 

This contest is entitled the Break up or Blackest Moment contest.  I wrote specifically to the contest coordinator to see if I could use a death as the blackest moment and she wrote back to me with a resound Yes.  I chose to go with Beneath the Wall with this contest and without giving too much away (because the scene I chose is at the end of the book) – my characters are in a battle and a man is dying.  I sat with my mother yesterday to tighten up some sentences and try to fulfill the judges’ criteria as much as possible.  Overall the hardest part was trying to use taste and smell in scene.  Especially when it comes right down to the dying man.  My mother even went so far as pricking her finger and tasting her own blood (gross!).  And even still, without ever being a battle and seeing or smelling as much blood as a hail of machine gun bullets would create is pretty hard to imagine.  

Needless to say, my goal today is to find out what that smell and maybe taste is.  If any of my readers can help out with those senses, please email me !  I would greatly appreciate it.


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