Sometimes I find it strange that I love the 1920s.  It was a time of blatant disregard for the law with all the alcohol making, speakeasies, organized crime, debauchery, and vulgarity (in their eyes, though today it’s nothing to see short skirts).  Yet I am a rather moral and reserved person, who doesn’t normally drink.  But I LOVE the twenties.  I love the gangsters, love the raucous night life.  Heck I even love the hidden tunnels and distilleries throughout America’s cities. 

I think I like it because it shows growth and break through.  Coming off of the Gilded and Industrial ages, America was still very formal and proper.  Then the skirts got shorter and the nights got longer and thus the rebellious twenties were born.  Plus the music was amazing and vibrant.  And how handsome do the men look in those pin stripe suits and fedoras …ahhh 🙂

Yes I realize that this is a crappy blog today – but I promise I will do better tomorrow.


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