Flying High

Ahhhh!!!!  I’m so excited today.  First of all let me say sorry for not writing yesterday, it was a very busy day.  I needed to select a scene from my book to bring to my first ever Romance Writers of America meeting.  Once that was finished, I ran over to Office Depot to copy it and then drop my son off with my parents who were watching him for the night.  In the car up to Bloomington, IL for the meeting, I reread the pages over and over again, making my own critical thoughts and doubting whether it would be up to standard.  My mind fluttered between, will I be in the company of people less talented to me (which has happened before and been upsetting) or will I be completely intimidated? 

The moment I arrived I immediately felt the later.  Each woman was poised and just from their speaking and word choices even in reticiting text messages I could tell that they were well established authors that knew a lot about their craft.  Soon the nervousness faded as I realized they were still people and I could truly be myself around them, because I too tend to use big and descriptive words when I speak.  I find that I when I do speak like that in the general public I get raised eyebrows and then I clarify what I am saying with a titter and a, “Sorry that’s just the writer in me. ”

It was  a great meeting and since I was the first leave I handed out my pages for everyone to read and discuss. I told the ladies what I felt was the weakness of the scene and asked for their critique.  One woman volunteered to do the reading and all was quiet as she began.  I could hear the sound of my own heartbeat thumping in my ears.  I could hear everything wrong with the sentence as if she were speaking through a megaphone and immediately my body temperature rose about five degrees.  But then when the dialogue began she read it just as I heard it in my head all the million of times I read the book.  I thrilled with delight as well as still shook with anxiety of what everyone was thinking about my work.

Unfortunately, I had to leave so I stopped her at a break in the paragraph and the critique started.  The women had some very smart and helpful hints for me to fix the dragging-on quality of the scene.  I intend to use those ideas to correct the work today. 

I picked up Jon at the volleyball center and on the way home I read the comments left behind on the pages.  I never felt so happy and emotional about all the notes saying that they liked my character.  YAY!!! I was so glad that all that worrying was really for nothing.  I knew I had more editing work to do on the book so the critiques didn’t bother me but the fact that in just a few pages they could relate to my character that I created from nothing and like her.  Once again I say, YAY!!!!!!!!!


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